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The Girl With Anxiety Is Stronger Than You Can Imagine


You will never understand how destructive anxiety is unless you experience it yourself. It makes every day a nightmare, destroys your confidence, and leaves you in blind fear. Even worse than all of that, anxiety tells you that you’re weak.

Yet, the girl who’s struggling with this illness is far from weak. She may feel like it’s true, but nothing could be more wrong. In reality, the girl with anxiety is stronger than you can imagine.

She’s at War

Every day for her brings a new battle, a new enemy, and a new challenge that needs to be overcome. She feels suffocated and vulnerable, and she truly believes that there’s no way for her to win. Despite that belief, she still wins every single one of the battles that she fights. She keeps pushing through and doesn’t let her illness win.

Her anxiety tells her that she shouldn’t get out of bed some days. Although sometimes she may listen and call a temporary cease-fire, on most days, she gets up anyway.

When her anxiety tells her not to go and see the people that she loves, she fights back then too. She finds the courage from within herself to go out and socialize, even with anxiety telling her that she can’t. Even though she listens to her illness occasionally, she doesn’t let it win in the long run.

She Won’t Let it Have Control

Anxiety is a beast that wants to take control of everything in its path. It tells her that it will be in charge of everything in her life. It demands that it will say where she goes, who she sees, and what she does.

Despite its tyrannical ways, she doesn’t give into it. She refuses to give it the control that it craves because this is her life and not her anxiety’s. Admittedly, some days are tougher than others and she lets it have control just for a while, but that doesn’t last. Soon after that, when she’s feeling more resilient, she takes back her power and pushes anxiety aside.

She won’t let her illness make her feel like she’s worthless by controlling the way that she sees herself. She won’t let it control her social life by convincing her that everyone hates her. Most of all, she won’t let this illness think for her, because she has her own mind.

She Is Anything But Weak

This is a girl who’s spent day after day dealing with an illness that most people could never imagine the intensity of. She’s struggled, fought, lost some fights, and won many more. Her anxiety has tried to suck the happiness from her and fill her with negativity.

In spite of all the challenges that she faces every minute of every day, she’s still here. She’s still surviving, fighting, and hoping that tomorrow will be a better day. Although she may feel weak, she is so strong for dealing with this monster. One day, when it’s all over, she’s going to look back and realize just how amazing and brave she really is.

Think what you want about the girl with anxiety, but don’t fool yourself into believing that she’s weak. This girl has overcome more obstacles so far than most people would in a lifetime. Even if she doesn’t believe it, she has strength and courage like no one else on this earth.

If you know someone who’s struggling with anxiety, share this article with them to let them know that they’re stronger than they think.

Eva Jackson