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The Essential Guide To Identifying, Ignoring And Dealing With A Narcissist


A narcissistic personality disorder is a mental condition that has taken a heavy toll on our society. And, according to statistics, it is no surprise that one person in every six people is probably a manipulative narcissist.

By definition, these individuals have a lack of ability to show compassion and empathize with others. They possess an inflated sense of self, a potentially harmful, boosted ego that makes them believe they are born for a special treatment.

Their unhealthy sense of entitlement is what makes these people desperately need for attention and constant admiration. Because, somehow, deep inside these people believe that they are superior to every living being out there.

We could sit here and go on about their personality type, but the truth is – the only way to truly understand their nature and their twisted ways of thinking is by facing a person who suffers from this condition.

I believe that most of us have already dealt with this kind of relationship, but for those who were lucky enough to not waste their precious energy on these soul-sucking energy vampires, it is not that hard to actually spot them.

This person usually comes in the darkest and the worst moments of your life, pretending to be your savior, the one who would help you stand back on your knees. They spoil you, treat you like you’ve never been treated before…

Pretty soon, when the cold, harsh truth strikes you, the romantic haze is finally over, and you are able to see clearly, you realize that all of this time you were controlled, taken advantage of and tricked into thinking that they genuinely love you.

When in reality, they only seduce you to lure you into their web of lies and manipulation.

They start with their most effective method of gaslighting people. One by one they destroy your confidence, your sense of self-worth, your life, your emotions.

Have in mind that this person has analyzed your behavior in order to eventually enslave you. They have wasted energy and time to get to you. So, don’t even think for a second that they’d give up that easily.

So, they continue with their dangerous game of manipulations. Their insufferable need for power and supremacy encourages them to use everything against you. They drive you crazy on the verge of psychotic and after a while, you begin to question your own sanity.

Insults and constant criticism becomes a part of your everyday life. You feel as though you are trapped in an infinite loop from hell, a vicious cycle of manipulation that never stops.

But, that’s where you are wrong.

Yes, I know, the consequences of surviving a narcissistic abuse are not easy to cope with. The number of emotional scars and fresh battlefield wounds is immense and difficult to live with.

You have lost all sense of self-worth. You probably ended up broken, vulnerable and scared to death. Your horrible and traumatic experience has made you lose all faith in humanity. You don’t even feel safe inside your own body anymore.

But, there are ways to recover from all this and heal your fresh wounds. There are certain things you can do to successfully ignore the narcissistic person in your life and save yourself from getting hurt for the second time.

1. Ignore their existence

Once you end your relationship with a narcissist, the next step is recovery. And no matter how hopeful and relieving it may sound, it is not that easy.

A person broke your spirit, destroyed every part of your heart and left you feeling like an empty garbage can. It is only natural to want to make them suffer and pay for everything they’ve done to you.

However, the best way to recover and still hurt them in the process is by simply ignoring this person. The lack of attention will destroy their cockiness. It will show them that they are no longer a part of your world.

2. Don’t even bother explaining yourself to them

Just leave. Leave quietly without any warning, without making any mess.

These people have extremely low opinions of themselves. But that is the part they tend to hide and secretly feed. So, instead of feeding their egos by giving them an explanation for your actions, ignore them and just leave.

3. Ignore your desperate need for taking them back

You think that once you’ve finally saved yourself from that harmful relationship, you are done. But, sadly, this isn’t always true.

Because a narcissistic human being would do anything to get you back. This person will beg you, apologize to you, admit everything you want to hear, only to get you back.

Naturally, it is most likely that you’ll experience some strong urges to take them back. But, this is the moment when you need to be strong. Ignore and fight these feelings. Because there’s nothing in that relationship left for you. You’re done.

4. Most importantly, learn to love yourself and never ever look back

The worst thing you can do to this person is to show them that you are a strong, determined and brave human being who won’t settle for their manipulative mind games. Show them you deserve more.

A narcissist ego can only survive around an insecure person who needs some guidance in life. So, naturally, once faced with your regained self-respect and strong confidence, they will lose their power over you.

“You give up your narcissism, your egotism. That’s how you achieve chemistry.” – Nick Nolte

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Stephanie Reeds