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How To Accept The Consequences And Forgive Yourself After Making A Big Mistake


If the title made you click on this article and read it, that means you’ve probably made a mistake you’re now regretting.

Welcome to the club.

No one is sinless. No one is a saint here. We’ve all made mistakes, we’ve all f*cked it up royally. Heck, some of us still make mistakes. But, the good thing is – we always learn from them.

Whether you missed an important job interview, hurt your partner’s feelings, got into a big fight with your family, stopped talking to your best friends because of some stupid misunderstanding, it’s fine. I know that it was a big mistake and you’re probably beating yourself up for doing that, but hey…

You are not alone in this buddy.

I know you’re hurting because it was all your fault. I know that your heart aches because you are the one who made all of it happen. I know it all. In your mind, you are the bad guy, and nothing can ever change that.

Okay then. Let’s get it all out in the open. IT’S YOUR FAULT. Embrace that feeling. 

And… now what? Is the guilt trip really worth it? Because I know for sure that it’s not making you feel good.

You cannot change the fact that it happened no matter what you do.

But, what you can do about this whole situation is to forgive yourself.

The thing is… life won’t always be that fairy, magical path in the woods. Sometimes you’ll to make the wrong turn and f*ck things up. Sometimes you’ll to make the worst decision in your life and suffer the consequences. Sometimes you’ll regret your actions.

But, if there’s one thing I learned about life is that acceptance and self-forgiveness are crucial if you want to keep moving forward.

You have to learn to practice forgiveness and see it for exactly what it is: a practice. Something that you have to consistently work on, embrace and eventually master. Something that you need to practice the same way you practice anything else you want to excel in.

You have to establish your boundaries.

You have to create positivity around them.

You have to be patient in the process.

You have to remind yourself that after all, you are a human being. A flawed, vulnerable and emotional person.

You have to find a way to see the good in those bad moments. You have to remain grateful for the lessons you’re learning whenever that dreadful feeling of disappointment approaches you.

You have to be consistent and brave.

You have to make an effort.

Most importantly, you have to believe that you deserve to feel calm. You deserve to be forgiven. You deserve to be happy.

Whatever it is, you have to forgive yourself. Because forgiveness helps you take a step back and understand that you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself.

Forgiving yourself means acknowledging your wrongdoings, embracing your flaws, accepting your mistakes and loving yourself regardless of your imperfections. It means learning from the mistake but also coming to terms with yourself.

Be easy on yourself. Whatever you did, you deserve to be forgiven.

Accept that what’s done is done. Hug yourself. Let your mistakes be your stepping stones.

But, most importantly, keep moving on!

Stephanie Reeds