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The Dark Side Of Having An Open, Giving And Emphatic Heart


Empaths are the healers of the world. They are naturally known as our protectors, sometimes even our guardian angels. They are the people in whose arms we find shelter. They are the people who understand us like no other. The ones who are always there for us when we don’t feel strong enough to move on our own. But most importantly, they are the ones who feel our emotions as if they were their own.

If you know an empath, you probably know that these extraordinary human beings carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. They possess a rare gift, but very often this gift is also their biggest curse.

Empaths have a heightened sixth sense which means that they not only see dark and difficult energies but also have the ability and capacity to feel them and experience them as if they were their own.

This allows them to make everyone feel safe and secure around them. As a result, many people who feel hurt and broken find comfort in the empath’s embrace. It is because the light within the empath’s heart has love for everyone. That is why they are so special.

However, their gift has a dark side as well. The emotions that empaths often absorb from other people are not always pure and beautiful feelings. Sometimes, they are dark and overwhelming. And sometimes they are too painful for them to deal with. This eventually leads to a life full of stress, constant exhaustion, and health issues.

It is considered the dark side of having an open, giving and empathic heart. Because as much as they try to protect themselves from unwanted energies and dark spirits, sometimes empaths are not that powerful. In fact, the one thing that they are most attracted to is negative energies.

Empaths have no filter for what they let inside their world. That is their biggest curse. As a result, they unwillingly absorb these energies and eventually become weaker to fight them off on their own.

What’s even worse is that an empath’s dark side also forces them to neglect themselves all for the sake of the wellbeing of other people. That is why, most of the time these people are confused, chaotic, frightened and exhausted. The more this self- neglect builds, the more distant they become from themselves. The most tragic thing is, oftentimes they don’t notice it before it’s too late.

And so, they lose their sense of self. For good.

That is why the only way for an empath to win this fight with themselves is by finding a way to distinguish between their emotions and the emotions of others. They have to find the courage within themselves and maintain real boundaries.

And that of course, will be much easier if they somehow tear down the walls that they’ve built around themselves. Otherwise, these poor souls are doomed to a life of war against themselves.

Stephanie Reeds