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Mothers, This Is How You Raise Happy, Confident And Independent Daughters


Let’s face it. The world is cruel to anyone these days, but it is more than obvious that women are the biggest target. Society has plenty of expectations for girls. The minute they come into this world, they are expected to be this obedient, polite, kind human beings. Because behaving ladylike is more important than anything else.

Media tells them that they are not pretty enough, and it convinces them that it’s bad to take pride in their healthy appearance. It gives the idea that they have to be thin and flawless if they want to find people to like them.

To make it even more difficult, women are also expected to find a partner, get married and have children as soon as possible. It’s almost like nothing else in their lives shouldn’t matter more than creating a family. So, by the time they reach their teens, they are often insecure and confused.

Luckily, this is where you come into the picture. As a mother, it is your responsibility to teach your daughter the greatest lessons of life. You are the first person that she will see in her life. You will always be one she will look up to. Make sure you are the role model that will help her develop into a happy, independent and confident person:

This is the secret to raising strong and well-adjusted daughters:

1. Encourage her to follow her wildest dreams and never give up. Teach her that men and woman are both equally capable to follow their dreams and succeed in working what they genuinely love. Let her know that she should never let anything, or anyone stop her from fighting for what she believes in.

2. Show her what an independent, strong woman looks like. Be the role model that you would like her to see. Be the woman that you wish her to become. Show her what being strong and independent looks like. Prove to her that when a woman is determined to do something, nothing in this world could ever destroy her hopes and plans. Let her know that her heart is the most important thing that she should follow in life.

3. Be there for her when she needs your help. Don’t push her away by saying that she is overreacting. Don’t neglect her emotions. Don’t yell at her for being scared and confused. You are the most important person in her life. You are the shelter that she seeks when there is a big, dark cloud above her head. Make sure to always listen to her problems, no matter how trivial they sound. This will help her build her confidence and learn the importance of her worries and feelings. It will also strengthen your bond.

4. Encourage her to explore her opportunities. Introduce her to many things in life. Let her get to know the world through her own mistakes. If she shows an interest in many activities, be there for her to support her. Let her know that finding herself may be a long process, but also the most amazing journey.

5. Praise her achievements and be happy for her. Believe it or not, no matter how confident she is, your daughter needs the praise and encouragement from you. Don’t ever forget to remind her that she is doing great. Don’t ever take her successes for granted. Be happy for her achievements, no matter how small they are.

6. Teach her that relationships are truly important, but self-love should always come first. Raise her with true, genuine love and let her know that she should never settle for anything less than that. Show her that relationships are an important part of life, but most of all, teach her that self-love should always be on top of her priority list.

Stephanie Reeds