Home Stories The Coronavirus Pandemic: Are We The Next Lost Generation?

The Coronavirus Pandemic: Are We The Next Lost Generation?

The Coronavirus Pandemic: Are We The Next Lost Generation?

We are all invaluable pieces of life’s puzzle. Yet, some of the pieces have been lost and I don’t think the world will ever mourn enough the loss it has endured.  

Now it’s time, now more than ever, for the world to unite and to remain hopeful and strong.

Now it’s time for each and every one of us to do our part in slowing down the impact and making the situation better.

All of our efforts matter. All of our strength should be directed towards overcoming the same problem and the same enemy. 

We will overcome this, but maybe we will also learn from this. We will become wiser. We won’t take things for granted. We will appreciate life more.

We will appreciate every breath we take and every second we spend with our dearest. It’s only too bad that we will learn this at the cost of people dying.

Perhaps, this is how the Universe is trying to wake us up and make us realize things we’ve never been aware of.

Perhaps all this time we’ve been in a long-lasting, impenetrable coma and the only thing that could wake us up was a violent blow with a sledgehammer.

I believe we were caught up in our own lives, often oblivious of the world’s problems, often undermining the needs of our planet. This is called irresponsibility. This is called lack of awareness. We have become ungrateful and this pandemic is the by-product. 

The Earth was sending us messages that something wasn’t right. Messages, signs which we overlooked and disregarded.

The Earth is revitalizing. I think it has had enough of our ungratefulness and ill-treatment. But it won’t revitalize in a few days. We have to be patient. We have to stay home and wait for it to revitalize every field, every meadow, every river. We need to wait for it to catch its breath and shine through the ugliness that we ourselves have created.

My only question is: Are we the next lost generation?

Are we going to rummage through life (after seeing what we have seen) in a constant search for our life purpose? Are we going to feel happiness again – that true, unrestrained, fear-free, risk-free happiness?

Are we going to live carelessly like the Coronavirus hasn’t happened at all? Are we going to adopt a new set of values or a new set of addictions?

Are we going to patch our losses or are we going to become the next lost generation pretty much like T.S Eliot, Ernest Hemingway, Sherwood Anderson, and F. Scot Fitzgerald were?

Nora Connel