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The Beauty Of Simplicity: Why Living With Less Is The Ultimate Key To Happiness


We arrive in this world and the first thing we are taught is that, if we want to succeed at the game called life, we are supposed to give our best, study hard, find a well-paying job and work even harder so that can provide ourselves and our children a nice life.

We are instructed that this world runs on money. We’re suffocated by capitalism and coerced by consumerism. We are told that we need all sorts of material possessions in order to survive. And naturally, since we are human beings who are genetically predisposed to be greedy and never feel completely satisfied, we always want more.

And eventually, we build our lives around those things, thinking that the more we own, the richer we are. We buy stuff, we spend money, we accumulate more, we work harder, until one day we realize that the only thing we miss is a true connection. And that could never be purchased at a supermarket.

So, I think it is time to understand that there’s a different kind of ‘more’ that we all need to accept. That basically means that we are enough on our own. We are enough without everything else that society imposes on us.

We don’t need money to survive. We don’t need material possessions to exist. We don’t need the approval to be someone. We are enough on our own. And we are all of those things that we’re constantly searching for. We simply fail to perceive ourselves that way because we are buried under layers and layers of busyness, chaos and the unnecessary clutter from everyday life.

What we need is more time for self-reflection. We need more peaceful mornings. We need to reconnect with nature. We need more ideas, more creativity, more deep, meaningful conversations, more time for self-care, more exploring, more curiosity, more will to learn new things, quieter, serene nights, more hugs, more affection, and more love.

We need to learn that simplicity is the key to living a happy life. Because once we declutter our minds and release ourselves from the chains of the usual routine and our possessions, we will finally reach that state of awareness that we so desperately craved for. And once we get there, we will realize that we don’t need much to be happy.

The things that we need are already there. Within us. We just have to open our eyes.

Surprisingly, I have a feeling that we are slowly waking up. We are becoming more and more aware of the key essentials in life. We are curious about our purpose here on earth. The informations are traveling fast and we are hungry for more. We are greedy to understand more. So, yes, there will come a time when every material possession we have will lose their value. And, I strongly believe that once that happens, we will witness a powerful transformation.

One that will completely change us to our core and take us on the ultimate journey of self-revelation.

Stephanie Reeds