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21 Thought-Provoking Questions To Improve Your Self-Awareness And Find Your Path In Life


The only way to live this life to the fullest is through increased awareness and pure consciousness.

However, that remarkable state of bliss when you finally understand the purpose of your existence and the essence of living requires making more time for self-reflection.

It requires bravery. It requires courage to face your demons. And It requires the willingness to accept every little flaw about you or change the things that bother you.

That’s exactly why people who aren’t afraid to make that existential conversation with themselves are usually the happiest people alive.

Because these essential questions have the power to awaken our full potential as humans and help us live our life the way it’s supposed to be lived.

We become more aware of our surroundings, of our true selves, our needs, and fears. Our shallows and our depths.

And after embracing each and every part of our unique nature, we become indestructible.

Everything we once feared is suddenly easy and simple. Our life path unravels before us and we are finally free.

Here are 21 thought-provoking and essential questions you need to ask yourself in order to raise your self-awareness:

1. How do I behave when I don’t get exactly what I wanted?

2. What’s my defensive mechanism with negative people?

3. Am I capable of controlling myself with things that are clearly bad for me?

4. When I face an uncomfortable life situation, how do I choose to deal with it?

5. What’s my response to situations I can’t control?

6. What’s my trick for dealing with the negativity around me?

7. How do I handle all the challenges in life and obstacles along the way?

8. What’s my response when my plans get canceled or changed without my approval?

9. How do I deal with changes in general? How do I deal with a new job, new lifestyle, new rules, new friends? Do I avoid it, fear it, cope with it, accept and embrace it? Or do I worry about it?

10. Can I handle the stress in my life? And how do I handle it?

11. How do I deal with situations that force me to leave my comfort zone? Do they intimidate me?

12. How do I cope with rejection?

13. Am I motivated enough to change my life for the better? And if not, how can I motivate myself to do so?

14. Do I follow the things I preach and talk about? And how much?

15. What’s my way of dealing with emotional pain?

16. What’s my first response when someone judges me? Do I accept their opinion, or I get easily annoyed and offended?

17. How do I respond when I make a mistake?

18. How do I deal with other people’s failures and mistakes? Do I judge them or comfort them?

19. How do I deal with the unknown and the unpredictability the future carries?

20. How much do I prioritize my time and energy? And how do I recharge and rejuvenate my soul?

21. Do I find my life fulfilling?

Image: Robert Cornelius

Stephanie Reeds