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The Art Of Respecting Yourself And Becoming An Unf*ckwithable Genius


Don’t you just feel tired of all the bullshit happening around you?

Don’t you just feel like you want to take a 3 months long vacation and just get the hell out of here?

Don’t you just feel exhausted of pleasing every person alive?

Well, I do. Big time.

The thing is, in my life, I’ve given too many f*cks to people who didn’t even deserve to have my attention. I’ve stressed over trivial things that weren’t in my control. I cared about a lot of people who forced me to learn the bitter truth about life – no one cares about your emotions.

And then something amazing happened. I woke up.

The truth I learned was, no one was forcing me to give all of my f*cks on people who weren’t worth a damn. No one made me worry about things that were out of my control. No one forced me to waste some of my best years in life. No one made me a pessimistic and depressed human being.

I did it myself.

There was a time when I was convinced that everything that happened to me was just a matter of bad luck. There was also a time when I was sure that the Universe is conspiring against me.

Oh, and to think how oblivious I was to even consider that other factors and other people were actually responsible for my own misery.

Well, I’m finally there. It took me a long time, but, I made it.

The art of respecting yourself and being a goddamn unf*ckwithable genius means understanding your worth, keeping your shield up and saving those f*cks for the most important events in your life.

It’s focusing on your own issues in life. Reminding yourself that if you don’t do it, no one would be kind, or considerate enough to do it for you. What’s more, no one would even have enough time or energy to do fix your problems for you.

And if you ask me, no one isn’t supposed to do that. You should be fully responsible not only for your actions but also for the consequences that arise from them.

The art of being unf*ckwithable means stop accepting the things you hate. It means not agreeing with other people’s opinions in order to be more likable.

It means not settling down for a mediocre life, half-assed love, comfortable relationship, average job, small paycheck, fake friends, disrespect. It means stepping out of your cozy comfort zone and exploring the unknown, no matter how dangerous it looks from the inside of your shell.

It’s being a little selfish because you finally understand the meaning of self-respect. It’s being your number one priority in a world where no one appreciates loyalty and commitment. It’s working hard on your goals and finding happiness deep within your soul. It’s focusing on your self-growth when everyone else is too concerned with the lives of others.

The art of being a self-respecting and unf*ckwithable genius means growing a pair of big balls and standing up for yourself. It means being brave enough to get up and share your opinions, no matter how different they are.

It’s having the courage to speak the truth, and the truth only. It means finding strength in being honest and building your integrity by staying humble.

When you finally reach this divine state of mind, when you finally understand that you’re the only person who has total control over your actions and your life, I promise you, you’ll become invincible.

Indestructible, but not in an invulnerable way.

For only in vulnerability, you’ll be able to truly discover yourself.

Once you become completely honest with yourself, once you lay all those cards on the table and reveal your fragility to yourself, you’ll be free. Free from your own rusty cage, free from those chains, and free to finally take on the world!

Here’s to my bad ass, unf*ckwithable geniuses.

May we all be them!

Stephanie Reeds