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Get Your Glow-Up: 5 Top Tips for Improving Your Personal Style


Are you looking for tips on improving your personal style? Here are the best ways to start looking better in no time flat.

Are you a busy professional? Have you begun to wonder if your appearance is sending an outdated message?

If you’re ready to start improving your personal style, there’s no reason to empty your savings account or spend days at a salon.

Here are some style tips for men that you should know about.

  1. Clean Out Your Closet

We all know what it’s like to hang on to clothes simply because they still fit or have sentimental value. Your faded button-down shirts or pants with slightly tattered hems may seem unnoticeable to you, let alone other people.

Yet decluttering your wardrobe will do more than just give you more space for your hangers. It will help you get rid of pieces that don’t give the most polished impression and help you make room for more updated styles.

Get rid of anything that is stretched, faded, or slightly stained. Throw out any duplicates or things that you don’t feel good wearing. Only hang on to things that make you feel well-cared-for.

Decluttering your space als o has the added benefit of making your more happy and productive. When you see clutter, you may begin to feel like you are overwhelmed or suffocating. It could even lead to weight gain or a more sluggish approach to the day.

A cleaner space can energize you and help you feel ready to tackle anything the day brings. Looking at fresh, well-organized spaces can do wonders for your mental, and even physical, health.

  1. Invest in Sophisticated Classics

There are some wardrobe pieces that you shouldn’t be overspending on. Dressy shirts, for example, in trendy patterns will give your style a great punch for this season, but you may not be wearing them next year.

Some pieces, however, are timeless, and you can wear them for years if you invest wisely. Tailored suits, for example, will look pristine and sophisticated for years if you shop for them carefully. Black or gray numbers can be worn with any number of colors, depending upon the season.

You may also wish to invest in a cashmere sweater, which will keep you warm in the winter and always look stylish. Classic colors such as navy, dark red, or cream will work from season to season.

Lots of weekend outings don’t call for a business look. Gentlemen who live in colder climates will find a cashmere sweater to be the perfect way to look well-groomed while remaining casual and comfortable.

  1. Update Your Watch

A classic watch sends the message that you care about details and that you are committed to being punctual. While looking for your cell phone during a conversation can seem rude, a quick glance at your watch is understated. You also won’t have to worry about it running out of battery while you’re out.

You’ll want to choose a watch that’s neither too big nor too small for your hand. You’ll want something that’s accurate and durable, requiring little maintenance.

A classic leather watch looks sleek as long as it’s well-maintained. While these look great with any metal, higher-end watches come in precious metals like gold and silver. They will last you a long time and always demonstrate sophistication.

  1. Find a Solution for Hair Loss

Thinning hair can make you look tired, worn out, or older than you are. A hair loss solution, however, can make you look younger and improve your self-esteem. You will seem more in control and confident.

The best hair loss treatment for men won’t stress you out. It can rejuvenate your look instantly and will look great with anything in your wardrobe.

  1. Take Good Care of What You Have

Dry cleaning may seem expensive, but it will be worth the investment if your clothes always look clean and pressed. And you’re clothes will last longer, too!

Many cleaners offer both cleaning and laundry services, and some even do drop-off and pick-up so you won’t have to make an extra trip out. Your cleaning service may also offer tailoring services at a lower price than someone who tailors exclusively. This is something to consider if you’re getting your clothes hemmed or let out regularly.

Ask trusted friends and family for recommendations, and don’t be afraid to get a few estimates on regular cleaning. Some local places will have a discount for regular customers, and others have a lower per-shirt price.

The right dry cleaner will always be attentive and professional. You’ll want to be able to trust that your clothes will be cleaned beautifully and on time. Read online reviews if you’re not sure where to start.

If you happen to get a stain on your clothes that won’t come out with soap and water, it’s important to get it out right away so you won’t end up throwing out a good clothing item. Keep an instant stain remover at home and in the office so you save money on clothes you eat, work, and live in.

You’ll also want to make sure you’re shoes get polished regularly. Scuffed or dirty shoes can make you appear sloppy or lazy.

You can polish shoes yourself with an applicator brush or cotton cloth and shoe wax in a shade that matches the surface. You can then allow the wax to harden and polish it with a brush or soft cloth.

Improving Your Personal Style

Your work, personal life, and recreational activities will all get a big boost when you begin investing your appearance. Improving your personal style means updating your wardrobe and taking care of your things. And a little hair help won’t hurt either!

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David Smith