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Stop Giving Your Love To Those Who Aren’t Ready To Love You

Let Go Of The People Who Aren’t Ready To Love You

You owe it to yourself. You owe it to your heart.

Next year, stop giving your love to those who aren’t ready to love you.

Stop forcing connections that aren’t meant to happen. Stop thinking that you can change people. Stop being there for those who don’t value your presence. Stop prioritizing everyone else over yourself. Stop neglecting your needs. Stop bottling up your feelings.

I know that you think that you’ll be fine, but I’ve seen how this ends. I’ve been there myself, so I know how much it hurts to search for love and not be able to find it. But I also know how painful it is to go far out on a limb with your feelings and get hurt.

So, I beg of you.

Stop it.

If you are left out, constantly disregarded, subtly criticized or mindlessly avoided by people you consider close, you are fighting against yourself by offering your love and life to them. You are hurting yourself in order to make them love you. You are sacrificing your happiness for their own. You are robbing yourself of your hopes and dreams.

Not everyone in your life is meant to stay there forever. And not everyone you love is meant to love you back. I know it hurts like hell, but that’s the truth.

And that’s exactly what makes the life-changing moment of finding genuine people that understand your heart so special. That’s what makes those events the most precious and priceless experiences in life.

The longer you focus on forcing relationships to happen or make someone love you, the more you’re distancing yourself from that divine connection. The more you settle for crumbs, the harder it is to remind yourself of your true worth. The longer you stay just an option to someone you love, the longer you keep yourself in that cage far away from the love that you crave.

Let Go Of The People Who Aren’t Ready To Love You

You, my dear, need to understand that the most valuable thing you possess is your energy. But here’s what. That energy is limited. Its renewal depends on what you choose to give it each and every day of your life. The people who don’t care about you will rob you off it and give you nothing in return. But those who love you will only make it grow. They will multiply it and ask nothing of you in return.

So, stop… Stop wasting your love on people who aren’t ready to love you the way you deserve to be loved.  Stop giving all of your precious time to all the wrong people.

Build those walls around you and create a world in which you’ll invite only those that truly care and love you. Make that world a safe haven for those who really matter and add value to your life. Give your energy to them. Love those people with all of your heart.

And always remember, you are worthy of far more than you think.

You are worthy of love. Worthy of happiness. Worthy of a person who makes you look forward to not only tomorrow but to the rest of your life.

Stephanie Reeds