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Stop Asking Married Couples Why They Don’t Have Children


Getting married doesn’t mean that a couple should immediately start having kids. Many couples are just enjoying being married to each other, they have other plans and their plans may not include children at all.

Some couples decide to get married and travel the world together, just enjoying life and experiencing new things before they have kids. Some want to focus on their career first before they could think of giving birth.

And this is all normal and okay. What’s not okay is asking them when they plan to have kids. That’s a very rude and inappropriate question that deserves an inappropriate answer like “That’s not your business.”

No one needs to be reminded that their biological clock is ticking. They are aware. They don’t need to hear it from someone else.

Many of them are consciously choosing not to have children, but many couples have troubles conceiving. And this question is a very hurtful thing to say to those couples who are trying but cannot conceive.

They’ve gone through IVF and they can tell you that it’s one of the most invasive, expensive, time-consuming, and emotionally painful procedures they’ve experienced. That can easily break a person especially since they’ve invested so much hope into it.

And what about those couples who have lost their little one? Or about those who don’t want to have children. It’s their decision. After all, not everyone was made to be a parent, and marriage is not always about having kids.

So, save your comments for yourself and don’t hurt someone with your rudeness. Don’t break someone’s heart with your words because you don’t know what they are going through.  

Mary Wright