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Still Traveling the Same Path, Wanna Know Why You Can’t Get Over Your Ex?


It’s been a long time since your ex-lover left you, but why still travel the same path? Why do you still feel both love and pain?

Breakups, especially the bad ones, often take people a long, painful process. Yes, they might know deep inside that it’s time to move on, but they feel so trapped by the past.

Unfortunately, you can never find a perfect formula on how exactly you can get over your ex or how long it will take you to move on from a breakup. Some people might overcome the pain in a matter of three months, but others might take a year or even years.

For sure, if you are among those people who have not yet moved on from a breakup, you’ll ask your inner self if it means that you still love that person. Well, not necessarily.

If you can’t still move on, it has less to do with love. Not being get over your ex is another way of telling you that deep inside, you can’t still accept that breakup, that everything is over between you and your ex.

So now, it’s time for you to realize the reasons behind you are still a prisoner of the past, and you can’t open new chapters of your life.

Your Breakup Is Still Fresh

One of the simplest reasons why it’s hard for you to move on is that the breakup is just recent. You think that you have a lot of time to forget everything and heal your heart. But, there’s no problem if you want more time to make things better, especially if you have been together for a long time.

However, if it’s been years since your breakup, and you’re still not over your past, something else might troubling you.

You Refuse to Accept That It’s ACTUALLY OVER

If you keep on saying that you cannot “let go,” it merely means that a small part of you still embraces the old patterns. Then, you keep on refusing that your relationship is actually over. This is something many dating and personal relationship blogs often talk about. It’s not just being able to get over your past relationships, it’s also being able to talk about them with others as well. This is a consistent reminder that you aren’t the only person out there trying to find the right love in their life. 

For you to let go, you need to let go. However, there are times when people hope for reconciliation. Remember that life is not a Hollywood movie or a romance novel that may lead you to a happily ever after in most instances.

Sometimes, when your ex already cut the rope, there’s no turning back. So, you need to let go of everything, from memories to your false hopes.

You and Your Ex Still Have A Communication

By keeping yourself updated about the activities of your ex or keeping in touch with your ex, it’s no surprise why you really can’t move forward. You may do this for particular reasons, but it’s not a good practice. That’s because you are only making it harder for you to let go of things.

You can consider communication with your ex in the case that you have children or pets. But, if there is no valid reason for texting or calling your ex, you need to cut that communication as much as possible. It’s essential to give yourself enough time to heal alone.

It Will Be Okay, Everything Will Be Alright

Breakups are among the hardest things you might encounter. But, just always remember that there are a lot of great things waiting for you. Being left behind or living a life without the one you prayed to be with is not the end. After the pain, learn to love yourself even more. After all, loving yourself will never hurt you.

David Smith