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Stay Single Until You Meet Someone Who Makes Love Feel Easy And Effortless

stay single

There will come a time in your life when you meet someone who will change your whole perception of love. This person will make everything feel so easy and effortless. The relationship will be smooth sailing because both of you will work together for it. You won’t have to sacrifice anything because your actions will be coming from your heart and they will do the same for you.

The love that you two will share will make your life better.

Stay Single

It will make you feel whole and at ease. You will feel secure. There won’t be any unanswered questions and doubts because this person will wear their heart on the sleeve. You will always know where you stand with him. You will trust each other genuinely. Your love will feel real and true because you will always be honest about the feelings you have for each other.

This kind of love will make you feel alive and loved. You will no longer have to beg about someone’s attention and affection because this person will give it to you without you asking for it. You will be together in good times and in bad times. You will always be there to support each other. You may not be seeing each other all the time, but you will always come together.

They will feel like home and they will never leave you out in the cold.

And when things between you get difficult, this person won’t yell at you or try to blame you for everything. This person will listen to you, they will understand you, and they will look at all the possible ways to solve the conflict in the best way. The arguments and misunderstandings won’t drive you apart, they will bring you closer together.

Because this love will feel peaceful, even in stormy weather.

With this person, you will grow and heal. You will learn many lessons. You will learn that it takes effort and a lot of work from both partners to make a relationship last.

This person will challenge you to be your best self and to pursue your goals. They will inspire you and motivate you to let go of all the fears you have and overcome all the obstacles you face. You will learn what truly matters in life.

This love won’t hurt you. It won’t break your heart. You will finally be at peace without worrying that something will go wrong.

Until you find this person, stay single.

Mary Wright