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Expressing Your Thoughts and Feelings via an Essay


If you want to be heard by many people and make a long-lasting impression, writing is the best option for you. It’s not a secret that each book or article is a combination of the thoughts and feelings of the author. Therefore, writing is a perfect way to express yourself and release stress. And you definitely can handle this type of art by using the following tips.

1. Choose a topic and make a plan

Think about what would you like to say, what is important for you, and what you as a student want to share. And then make some notes with key points. Because you can have brilliant thoughts, a solid structure of your essay will make it more meaningful.

Feel comfortable to review some samples and check online services. It will help you to modify your essay and make it perfect. By reading samples of articles or books, as well as https://eduzaurus.com/free-essay-samples/ you will learn how to express yourself through writing.

2. Find a perfect place

It’s a great therapy to clear some thoughts out of your mind, but you need a quiet corner for this. Have a cup of tea, turn on calm music and let your writing process run smoothly. However, it is not a golden rule, as maybe you can abstract yourself in a noisy place, or you even can have better concentration in the crowd. It’s up to you – the main idea is to create the most comfortable conditions.

3. Do not hesitate to be honest

Write everything that came to your mind – in the end, you may be surprised with thoughts and opinions that you discovered during the process, and who knows – maybe it will motivate you to action. Even if the topic of your essay has been chosen by your professor instead of you, and you don’t like it, you should be honest in this case too. Anyway, you definitely have some sort of opinion about those things, so be brave to share it. Also, write in a simple manner – it will help to make your work more friendly and closer to the reader. And the main thing is that it will be easier for you – it will save time and help to avoid overcomplicated sentences.

4. Re-read and edit

Your essay looks chaotic, and you already regret that you started it? It is ok. Calm down and read it again. Make some minor changes (without changing your thoughts), and try other ways to express yourself. Remove or add some info. In other words, make it pretty. Your work will not be perfect enough each time – put up with it. In addition, you know the simple rule – the main thing is practice. The more – the better.

5. Take feedback

Do not be shy to share your work with someone you trust. Of course, this person has his/her own view, but it is good for your essay to get a fresh review. You can get useful feedback and develop some new thoughts. And they will help to see the strengths and weaknesses of your work. Maybe you will edit your essay or leave it as it was, or maybe you will inspire a person who read it. Don’t be afraid of sharing your work, as no one will appreciate papers in your drawer.

To sum up, if you are a student, there is no better way to express yourself than through writing. Try, practice, read examples, use online services, and discuss your work with other people – your thoughts are important.

David Smith