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Stay Single Until You Find Someone Who Makes Love Feel Easy

Stay Single Until Love Feels Easy

You will meet the person who makes everything feel easy and effortless. Including love. The love you are feeling for each other will be calming, soft, and warm. There won’t be any drama and toxicity. There won’t be a need for someone changing or making sacrificed for the sake of the relationship. Everything will come easy and will unfold naturally because you will both want to be happy together.

Because love should be the easiest thing. Real love should make your life feel better, not add unnecessary stress and hurt your feelings.

Real love should make you feel secure and at ease. You should be able to talk about anything with your partner. There shouldn’t be any secrets between you. Your relationship should be built on trust, respect, understanding, sincerity, and love. When you are in that kind of a relationship, you won’t ever feel insecure or question yourself and your partner.

You won’t ask yourself whether your partner loves you because you will just know it.

You will both be there for each other. You will be present. You’ll support each other. There won’t be a need to ask for attention and appreciation from your partner because you will have those things without asking. They will share with you the most special moments of their life and you will do the same. You will become your best friends and passionate lovers.

They will feel like home.

Instead of arguing and shifting blame, you will talk face to face and make compromises for the sake of your love. Even during arguments and hard times, you will still love and treat each other with respect. You will listen and try to see the situation from every perspective. You will both be finding solutions than inflicting pain.

Even during stormy days, you will be peaceful. Loving your person won’t hurt at all.

Your broken heart will heal. Your past wounds will disappear as if they never existed. You will embrace everything that has happened to you and you will let go of your past because finally, you will have everything you need in front of you.

Mary Wright