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“Soundwave Tattoos” – The Tattoos You Can Actually Listen To


People put on tattoos to imprint a deeper meaning which they will carry with them. This could be a philosophical or personal message, a symbol, or a tattoo which carries deep and fond memories of a loved one.

But what if your tattoo had a story to tell, literally, with a voice of its own?

And more interestingly, what if you decided what sound you would like it to play? This innovation in the world of tattoos is the brainchild of LA-based tattoo artist Nate Siggard, who came up with the idea one day in his parlor.

After two friends came in to get the opening line from Elton John’s Tiny Dancer inked into their skin, Siggard’s girlfriend only mentioned how cool it would be if you could actually listen to it. And this is where Siggard’s creativity made him pursue this seemingly crazy idea.

Nate showed his first Soundwave Tattoo in a video in which his partner Juliana says “I love you” to their 4-month-old baby, and the baby makes the most wonderful baby sound. The video went viral and many people started inquiring how they could receive their own audible tattoo.

As Nate says, he chose to get his family saying ‘I love you’ for his Soundwave Tattoo. “I wanted to do something to show them how much I love them and the Soundwave Tattoo was the perfect way to be able to hear them anytime I want, even if we were apart”

The website states: “We invented a way to play soundwave tattoos on your phone or tablet. Record a message from a loved one. Wear your lyrics. With our unique patent pending technology, turn up to 1:00 minute of sound into a tattoo you can listen to with your mobile device.”

On the Skin Motion website, you can upload your audio file, after which it is converted into a soundwave and you get recommendations on where to get it tattooed. After you get the tattoo, you need to install the Skin Motion app, which will allow you to listen to your tattoo from your smart device.

Would you get a Soundwave Tattoo?


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