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Sometimes You Have To Go Through The Worst In Life, In Order To Appreciate The Best


Life is unpredictable. You never know what or who is behind that corner.

You arrive in this world as a blank piece of paper and suddenly you start to realize that the consequences of your existence are truly painful. People start to mold you the way they prefer. You go through your first break up. Your first fight. You experience trauma.

You fall down and feel like you want to give up. It seems easier that way. Succumbing to the pressure and accepting the ugly reality looks much simpler than fighting against it.

However, you somehow find the courage and strength and you pull yourself up. You stand back on your knees. And now, you’re determined to truly take on the world. Instead of cracking under pressure, you let the pressure transform you into a stronger person. You realize that there’s a lesson in every tragedy.

But, just like that life pushes you again. It strikes you when you least expect it and once again you fall down the nasty gutter. Now you’re way deeper than you were before.

Only this time, you are ready to lift yourself back up and continue walking, muddy or not. You are now a resilient, fearless warrior with a large set of skills you developed through the years. You have the tools to help yourself out. And you’re brave enough to not let the obstacles intimidate you.

Your fear transforms into confidence. Your insecurity transforms into determination. Your shamefulness transforms into greatness. You are a new person.

And you finally realize that sometimes life is not what we want it to be. Sometimes life is exactly what happens while we make plans about it. Like a quiet background music.

Something finally clicks in your mind and you understand that sometimes you have to go through the worst in life, in order to appreciate the best.

Whether it’s about love, friendships, work, family, personal issues, it’s those bad and stormy days that help us appreciate the good, sunny ones.

At the end of the day, you have to keep in mind that no matter how painful your experience is, there’s always a certain lesson that needs to be learned. Life will always challenge us with some nasty obstacles along the way.

It’s completely up to us how we handle them. Whether we’ll learn from that moment, or let it destroy us, we’re the only people responsible for our happiness.

So, here’s a confession for you.

I learned this truth the hard way. Don’t make the same mistake as me.

If you’re desperately looking for a happy ending, you’re doing it wrong my friend. It’s never about the destination. It’s about the whole journey. It’s about learning from your mistakes and tragedies, not hiding from them. It’s about accepting the bitter reality.

Because that is the only way you grow.

Remember… It’s always darkest before the down.

Count your blessings, learn from your mistakes and never ever give up, my friend!

Stephanie Reeds