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If He Doesn’t Respect His Mother, He Won’t Respect You


A child’s bond with their mother is probably the strongest one. A man’s first glimpse of womanhood and what it means to love and respect a woman comes from the very first woman they interact with, and that is his mother.

This life-changing relationship evolves and develops with time. All children integrate and practice the behavior they see every day. That means they are also deeply impacted by the arguments and conflicts they face on day to day basis.

Moreover, a mother’s nurturing nature and her style of attachment to her son can have a life-long impact on him. In other words, how the son behaves around his mother is the way he will probably behave around women in general, especially around his romantic partner.

Of course, no one wants to be involved with someone who is abusive and so damaged that they can’t have a healthy and loving relationship.

That being said, here are the signs that can predict how the man will behave in a romantic relationship based on how he treats his mother and what kind of a relationship he has with her.

If he grew up with an attentive, loving, and nurturing mother, he learned how to be kind, loving, attentive, and affectionate himself.

If he also had a strong and close relationship with his mother, it will be easier for him to form a close connection with his romantic partner. He will be also a very kind, affectionate, loving, warm, and attentive man for his woman.

Men who grew up respecting their mother will respect all women in turn. He values partnership and he will treat his woman the way any woman deserves to be treated.

If he is not that close to his mother, or if his mother didn’t show him much love and affection – he will be probably struggling to enter a relationship.

He will still be respectful of women and be open for a friendship with them, but the moment things start getting more serious and the woman wants to have a committed relationship with him – he will get scared and start looking for ways to exit the relationship.

This happens because this man wasn’t used to get love and affection from his mother, and that’s why giving it to another person is a completely new territory for him. And it is not impossible for him to be committed to someone, but it will require a little bit of work from his partner.

Therefore, if you are dating someone who is distant from his mother, you might face some difficulties and challenges to make him open up to you and commit emotionally.

You might also need to be more open and loving yourself and show your love to him because he is probably lacking in self-esteem as well which is not a big deal unless you want someone who is very secure and confident in himself.

If he isn’t close at all to his mother because she was abusive to him and he doesn’t seem to like her will probably disrespect and abuse other women as well because he has a perception that all women are bad because of his painful experience with his mother.

In a romantic relationship, this man will do everything to hurt the woman he is with and shatter her confidence and self-esteem. This man is a toxic one because he grew up in a toxic environment.

It is extremely hard for this kind of man to learn what true love is because he was deprived of love when he was growing up. After all, you can’t pour from an empty glass, right?

If you are dating a man like this, understand that it’s not you. You also can’t change him. He must come to terms with his past by himself.

All in all, if you are dating someone, it’s a good thing to start paying attention to how he treats his mother and whether he is respectful to her. Because, how can you expect him to respect you if he doesn’t respect his mother first?

Mary Wright