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Sometimes We Have To Let Go Of Certain Things In Life In Order To Grow


Let’s face it. As human beings, we are programmed to be attached to the things we love. We cannot imagine our lives without them.

It’s the way that we function. It has always been that way. And probably, it will always stay that way. Just think about it. The more we love, the more terrified we are of losing the ones that matter to us. The more we have in life, the more we wonder whether we should share that happiness with the world or keep it hidden in our hearts.

We are afraid of losing something or changing a certain routine that is good for us because deep down we are convinced that growth can only be possible if we follow the straight line.

But, in reality, life does not work that way. It does not always go according to our plans.

It is a crazy, exciting and at the same time terrifying roller-coaster ride. One minute we are up in the sky and the next one we’re down in the gutter. Because growth patterns are not linear. In fact, they are anything but the thing that we often expect them to be.

Most of the steps we make in life are often wrong for us, but in the end, they always happen for a reason. They take us places that we never even dreamed that we could reach, but once we’re there, it somehow feels like that is exactly where we belong. It feels like there is no place we’d rather be.

The truth is, we cannot grow into stronger and braver human beings without leaving the safety of our comfort zones first. We cannot evolve if we first don’t challenge ourselves.

Without discomfort, we will never feel motivated or inspired enough to change the circumstances that make our lives miserable. Without struggle, we will never get to our desired destination in life. We will never learn that everything that is happening to us is just a stepping stone to the next big thing.

The only way we can evolve is through change. And sometimes that change requires letting go of certain things that we think are good for us, decluttering our own and making space for new things in our life.

Sometimes that change means ending a comfortable relationship in order to find ourselves.

Sometimes that change means letting go of well-paid jobs in order to pursue our passion.

Sometimes that change means leaving our comfort zones and safe places in order to seize the day and embrace the opportunities that this life is constantly giving us.

It’s scary, I’m not going to lie. But in order to discover the beauty and the unpredictability of life, we must be prepared to do certain things that might hurt us. We have to learn to let go, to put our pride aside, to embrace changes and to accept that all of those things are just parts of the growth process. So, yes. It is scary as hell.

But in the end, it is all worth it.

For it is only when we find the courage to let go of the comfortable, the fine, the easy and the okay in life, that we will finally start living life the way we always wanted.

Stephanie Reeds