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Sometimes The Person Who Is Always There For Others Needs Someone To Be There For Them

Sometimes Needs Someone To Be There For Them

When you are a person who is always there for other people – your emotions run high. You are sensitive, kind, and you have depths inside of you that can hold love and compassion for every person. Your heart is golden, your soul is giving. But, your amazing, humane qualities are often what makes you susceptible to being hurt by others. You always give and give and give and give. You give all your heart and soul to other people until you deplete yourself.

You are in pain. You hurt. You hurt wondering whether someone will ask you how you are, how you have been. Your heart is broken thinking of all the times you gave your all to someone without getting anything in return; of all the times you helped someone to heal and now, when you need healing, there is no one around.

So, you must heal yourself. And you do. You find the strength and courage inside you and you raise from the ashes like a phoenix more beautiful and stronger than ever before. It turns out, your solitude provided you with energy and will-power to tell yourself that you don’t need anyone to ‘save’ you and that you can do everything on your own.

However, sometimes you do…

Sometimes, even the strongest person needs someone to be there for them just like they are for everyone else. Sometimes, the person whose smile is the brightest is the one who carries sadness and loneliness inside themselves. Sometimes, the one who motivates and encourages everyone needs someone to tell them that they are worthy and that they matter because they also need to be encouraged and motivated.

Therefore, if you are someone who is always there for others, please understand that your good, genuine, and giving heart is rare. Also, know that your ability to calm storms within people and make them laugh when they have been crying is a wonderful gift. Know that you have healing powers that can give people hope and inspire them to not give up. You give people purpose by loving the parts of them they don’t like and showing them that they are worthy, that they are lovable.

That’s why you should also remind yourself that you are deserving of those things as well. You deserve to have someone who will be there for you just like you are for everyone else. Because you are not invincible.

You too need rest. You don’t have to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. You don’t have to save everyone. You don’t have to heal every broken heart. Sometimes, you need to heal. And you need to put all of your energy that you so selflessly give to the world to yourself.

And finally, remind yourself that you don’t have to always be strong. Sometimes, you are allowed to ask for help. Because you are also human and you deserve someone to take care of you the way you take care of others.

Mary Wright