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Sometimes Letting Go Of The Person You Love Is The Best Thing You Can Do

leaving the person you love

You’re most probably asking yourself now how letting go of the person you love the most can be a good thing for you.

Undoubtedly, leaving the person you love from the bottom of your heart is the most difficult decision to make. But, isn’t it true that when two people love each other truly and dearly, they’re supposed to bring happiness and a sense of fulfillment into each other’s life? Isn’t it true that we all want our romantic relationships to make our lives more interesting, happier, and more fulfilling?

Well, if the person you’re with is constantly creating drama, problems, and conflicts in your life, then it’s better to leave them for the sake of both of you.

Yes, leaving the person you love deeply is hard and painful, but the truth is that you can’t influence someone to love you. You can’t influence someone to respect you and commit to you. If someone doesn’t appreciate you the way you deserve to be appreciated, then walking away is the best thing to do.

Here are 8 reasons why letting go of the person you love is sometimes the best thing you can do:

1. They have no regard for your feelings and needs.

When you truly love someone, you take care of their needs. You acknowledge their feelings. You respect their opinions, ideas, and decisions.

But, if your partner has little or no regard for your feelings, desires, and wishes, if they don’t respect your needs, and if they make all the important decisions in your relationship by themselves, do you really think they’re in love with you?

2. They never take responsibility for their actions.

A caring and loving partner is someone who always takes responsibility for their actions. Someone who is not afraid to admit their mistakes and wrongdoings. Someone who is not ashamed to say, “I’m sorry,” when they know they’ve done something bad and hurt your feelings.

So, if your partner is always finding ways to avoid taking responsibility for their bad actions and mistakes and lay the blame at your door, leaving them is the right thing to do since no one deserves to put up with someone else’s immaturity and toxicity.

3. They cheat on you.

Cheating can never be justified or forgiven. Because when you really love someone, you only have eyes for them. You’d never be unfaithful to them. You’d never betray their trust and hurt their feelings in this unscrupulous way.

4. They don’t include you in their future plans.

A person that is truly in love with you is one that lets you become a part of their world and that lets you stay in it forever too.

A person that loves you genuinely is one that loves imagining their future with you. They enjoy talking about the life you two are going to build together.

So, if your partner hardly ever includes you in their plans for the future, know that if they don’t see you as a part of their future, they don’t see you as a part of their life either.

5. They’re abusive.

Regardless of how much you love someone, you can’t give them the power to emotionally, mentally, or physically abuse you. Because being abusive isn’t and can never be related to any form of love.

6. They don’t compromise.

If you’re the one that’s always willing and ready to make compromises for the sake of the relationship, and your partner rarely or never does the same, this shows that you two aren’t equally invested in your relationship. It shows you two aren’t equally committed to your relationship. And it’s also a sure sign that you and your partner are not headed in the same direction.

7. They haven’t introduced you to their loved ones.

A person who is genuinely in love with you is one who enjoys talking about you to their family and friends. One who loves boasting about you and telling everyone how happy they are for having you in their life.

But, if your partner hasn’t introduced you to their loved ones yet, this may be a clear sign that they aren’t thinking about having a serious, long-term relationship with you. So, you might want to consider the idea of leaving them before they leave you.

8. You remember the sad moments with them better than the happy ones.

If you remember the sad and painful moments you and your partner have had together better than the joyous ones, this is a red flag. This is a sign that you aren’t happy in the relationship and that you’re constantly getting hurt. Being in this kind of relationship is certainly not a life-enriching and rewarding experience.

If you happen to be in this kind of relationship, it’s time for you to walk away.

Riley Cooper