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Empaths Are Experts On Human Psychology, So Don’t Ever Mess With Them


What’s the first thought that pops into your head when someone mentions the word empath? Is it of someone who is very emotional? Or maybe reserved? Or maybe unfriendly?

Well, what you should know is that empaths’ compassionate nature and ability to feel other people’s emotions and energy are actually something that you should never perceive as a sign of weakness.

Empaths are truly unique individuals. They are excellent at reading body language.

They have no problem reading your mind too. They can sense your feelings and thoughts, and you may even not be aware of this.

Empaths have one special trait that makes them even more powerful – they are experts on human psychology. They just need one look towards someone and they can instantly tell if that person is manipulative or deceitful. This ability enables them to protect themselves from getting manipulated and hurt.

So, never try to hide your intentions from an empath. And if by any chance you ever think about cheating on them, you better get rid of that idea ASAP since they’ll never forgive you for it.

Here are 7 reasons why you should never mess with an empath:

1. They’re the best lie-detectors.

Whether it’s paying close attention to the “unnecessary” details of a story a person is revealing or observing their eye and bodily movements while talking, it doesn’t matter, empaths are masters of these lie-detection tactics.

Empaths are born with the gift to spot liars, cheaters, and all sorts of phony people. They just feel it in their gut when someone is trying to lie to and manipulate them. (1)

2. You can’t fool them.

Their inborn talent to detect dishonesty and lies the moment they’re uttered makes it really hard for others to deceive them.

So, if you tend to be dishonest, even if you’re only in the habit of telling “white lies”, you should steer clear of empaths completely.

3. They can easily sense hatred.

Empaths are the best at detecting hatred. Hatred transmits such a powerful negative energy that they can’t stand. The moment they sense someone feels hatred towards them, they distance themselves from that person since they don’t want to be affected by negativity.

Most importantly, they don’t sleep over and they aren’t hurt by your hatred because they feel comfortable with who they are, and they have no intention whatsoever of being someone they are not.

4. They can easily sense your prejudices as well.

An empath will always know if you have any hidden prejudice towards someone with different skin color, sexual orientation, or personality differences, even if you, yourself, aren’t aware of it. The thing is, empaths can’t stand people who are shallow, full of prejudices and hatred towards people who are different from them.

If they see that you’re bigoted, they’ll try to convince you to change the way you see and judge people, but if you still hold firm to your prejudices, it won’t take them long to distance themselves from you.

5. They can tell when you’re not okay.

When an empath notices that something’s bothering you, they’ll ask you if you’re okay. And you’re awfully wrong if you believe that a simple answer like “Yes, I’m fine” will convince them that you’re “really fine.”

The thing is, you can’t hide your feelings and state of mind from these mind-readers. You can tell them that you’re fine if you don’t want to explain why you’re worried or sad, but they’ll always know that you’re lying to them. And, they’ll ask you to share with them why you’re feeling that way and will offer you a listening ear, and will give their best to help and support you.

6. They can sense flattery.

An empath will immediately recognize when someone is giving them false compliments and affection because they want to gain something from them, be that their attention, help or approval. And this is something they simply hate.

Even if they don’t react in any way to your false flattery, they decipher your true intentions and know that what you’re trying to do is suck up to them.

7. They know when you’re pretending to be someone you’re not.

When people act fake, they do so because they want to hide their evil intentions or they just don’t feel comfortable in their own skin. Irrespective of the reason, an empath knows when a person is acting around them, trying hard to be someone they’re not. And this is something they don’t really like.

If you really want to gain an empath’s attention or keep them in your life, make sure you’re always yourself and try to feel confident in your own skin. They’ll accept and cherish you for who you are, with all your flaws, quirks, and insecurities, because there’s nothing that’s more appealing to an empath than someone who is their true self.

Riley Cooper