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Sometimes It’s Okay To Feel Alone And Lost Because That’s A Part Of Your Healing


Sometimes you will have to reread and rewrite emails or texts fifty times before you decide to hit the send button or erase everything because you think it’s pointless.

Sometimes you will feel overwhelmingly lonely and look for anything that will give you comfort. Sometimes it’s the internet, and other times you will want to reach out and speak to anyone who will listen.

Sometimes you’ll get a text message from someone or get dozens of likes on your Instagram selfie and you’ll feel better and excited for a moment only to slip back into loneliness and misery again.

Sometimes you will feel overwhelmed. You will cry. You will watch yourself in the mirror while tears are sliding down your face and you feel like you are losing it. Other times you’ll feel numb. You will not care about anything and anyone, including yourself.

Sometimes you won’t shower for days because the thought of taking care of yourself doesn’t even cross your mind. Also, the little things that you love doing, like hanging us with your best friends or cooking a delicious meal for yourself, are now impossible missions.

Sometimes you’ll press the snooze button twice before shutting it down so that you can oversleep. Other times you will just blankly stare at the ceiling because the ghosts of your past are still taunting you.

Sometimes you’ll self-sabotage yourself. You’ll push away people who care about you. Other times you’ll call your friend at 2 o’clock in the morning, spilling out all your feelings and not wanting to be separate from the people you love even for a moment.

Sometimes you’ll start questioning your purpose. You will feel anxious, directionless, lost, and alone. And all these feelings will distract you from everything that was important to you before. You’ll wonder when all the disappointments will stop.

But, when all seems to be lost, and you don’t have hope to keep going on, you have to believe in yourself, however, cliché it sounds. Because it will get better. The sun will shine again over your life. You will get your confidence back.

And one day you’ll be thankful that you didn’t give up, that you kept going because all of the struggles that you’ve been through has led you to a better future.

Mary Wright