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8 Things No Self-Respecting Person Should Give A F*ck About


A lot of the time, we waste our energy on things that don’t really matter. We spend way too much time giving a f*ck about the little things. All this is doing is making us unhappy about ourselves and the world. It’s time for us to let go of all the useless sh*t and use our energy on more important things.

Like the rest of us, you’re probably guilty of giving your attention to one too many pointless things. Take your life back and let all this stuff go. If you don’t know where to start, these are 8 things no self-respecting person should give a f*ck about.

1. Labels

Why should you have to put yourself in a box if you don’t want to? Who you are is your own business, and you shouldn’t have to conform to the limitations of a label. If having a label makes you happy then that’s fantastic, but no one else should be able to put one on you. It’s up to you, and only you, who you are.

2. What Other People Think

No one else knows your life as you do. They can judge you all they want to, but they don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes. These people haven’t seen your struggles, your fights, or every accomplishment you’ve worked so hard for. Who are they to have an opinion on your life?

3. Your Body

Are you short, tall, skinny, curvy, or perfectly average? Everyone’s body is valid and beautiful and no one can tell you otherwise. If the person telling you that you’re not beautiful is you, then have a good, hard think about why. You shouldn’t have to surround yourself with so much hate and negativity.

4. Keeping Everyone Happy

You should always strive to be kind and supportive. Sometimes though, people demand more. They want you to live your life for them. The truth is, you can’t keep everyone happy, and you shouldn’t have to. Look after yourself first and if someone is trying to take advantage of you, get them the hell out of your life.

5. Your Social Status

Sure, some people have designer clothes and fancy houses, but what is it really worth? In the real world, the only things that actually matter are your happiness and wellbeing. If you can afford it and you really want it, go ahead and treat yourself to something luxurious, but don’t let social statuses rule your life.

6. The Loves You’ve Lost

Sometimes we reminisce about the people we were with before, but it should stop at reminiscing. It’s easy to idolize someone when they’re gone and want them back in your life, but it’s pointless. They left your world for a reason. More than likely, they hurt you, so they should stay gone. 

7. What Everyone Else Has

Life is way too short to worry about what the people around you have. Jealousy will only serve to leave you feeling angry and desperate. Focus on what you have. If you really want something, then work hard to get it, don’t just obsess about someone else who does have it.

8. The Past

Life is all about staying in the moment and moving forward. We can learn a lot from the past, especially our mistakes, but we can’t spend all our time dwelling on it. Forget about that embarrassing thing you did or the time you failed. Focus on improving your life now and building a better future.

If you respect yourself enough to want to live your life the best way possible, then stop giving a f*ck about these things. This is your life, so own it. Be the best version of yourself that you could possibly be and screw what everyone else thinks about it.

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Eva Jackson