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Some People Are Meant To Leave A Big Mark In Your Life And There Is Nothing You Can Do To Change That

There Are Three Types Of People That Leave The Biggest Mark On Our Hearts

Every person that comes into our life is there for a reason. No one we ever meet is by accident. Some find us when we least expect and stay beside us only for a brief period of time.  Some enter our lives to teach us a valuable lesson and then leave. Some come into our worlds to open our eyes to a certain truth by hurting us in the worst way possible. Some just pass us by without noticing us.

What’s important is that each and every single one of these individuals leaves certain marks in our lives. Traces that sometimes cannot be erased, no matter how much we try. Their actions, both good and bad become so firmly engraved in our memories, minds, and hearts that it becomes pretty difficult for us to forget them.

In my opinion, in life, there are three types of people that leave a big mark on our heart:

The first ones are the people who have been there to help us in our difficult times.

In all honesty, considering how cruel this world of ours is, having these people around us is a real blessing. I mean… Just look around you. Stop what you are doing and try to count how many loyal, kind, and loving individuals you have in your life. You are lucky if there is at least one of them in your life. These individuals are really rare nowadays.

The truth is, we live in a society where no one really cares about the other. So, to have someone beside you who would walk that extra mile for you and would do anything to see you happy, that is a true blessing right there. That is why the least you can do for these people is to remind them how much you appreciate them for making your life beautiful.

 Three Types Of People That Leave The Biggest Mark On Our Hearts

The second category includes the people who left you during your hard times.

It’s really hard… No matter how much you want to forget these people, you cannot. They came into your life promising the moon and the stars, they became a big part of your world, they were there to smile with you on the happiest of days… and then, just when you thought that they are there to stay forever, they abandoned you… The second you faced an obstacle and the road got rockier to move on.

The most important thing you need to learn from these unfortunate experiences is that people like these do not deserve you. They do not deserve your kindness. They do not deserve your love. If they are not willing to be there in the difficult times, they don’t deserve to be around to enjoy the good times either.

The third category is about the ones who’ve hurt us the most by making our lives difficult.

What can I say… These are the types of people you really want to avoid. The truth is, we’ve all been there. We’ve all got burnt and got our heart broken. We’ve all got scarred for life. Chances are, we are never going to forget these people for doing what they did to us. Their actions will most likely shape us and forever stay to haunt us.

However, the one thing we can actually do is cut the ties that connect us with these toxic individuals.  Let go of everyone and everything that hurt us and make our lives insufferable.

After all, it is important to realize that all of these people have been a part of our lives for a reason. No matter what they did to us, they’ve all helped us become the people that we are today.

Stephanie Reeds