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Single Your Way Until You Find The One That Completes You

Single Your Way Until You Find The One That Completes You

Do you think being single is the worst thing that can happen to you?

Famous poet Charles Bukowski once said that there are worse things than being alone, but it takes decades to realize this, and there’s nothing worse than being too late.

I find it awkward that so many people look at relationships as the time of their life. What about finding your true self? Or what about discovering what you want to do with your life?

If you, my dear, are constantly looking for a man to make you happy, then you got it all wrong. All you need to be happy is you, and you already got YOU. Now, what you need is someone to complete YOU.

Before jumping from one relationship into another, start a search of what it is that you want from a man. Explore your world alone, acquire knowledge, and gain some wisdom. Sometimes an unhealthy relationship can cause mental health issues, and leave us damaged, broken, and in search of the next person who will break us even more.

That’s the reason why we must have time to enjoy the beauties in the world alone, drink coffee alone, have a beer in a bar alone, go out with friends, perhaps start some sport, or read a few books with a good glass of wine. Admire everything alone and regain self-confidence.

Once this stops being a problem for you, my dear, then you will know what your needs are, what comes first, and what to offer as well as what to expect.

Everyone deserves someone to complete them. Someone that will want to rock your world. Someone that will cherish you for who you are, and you won’t have to put on masks every time you are around them. Being able to freely speak your mind around the person you love is truly liberating.

Everyone deserves attention. You deserve someone to make plans with you, such as an invitation to dinner, or even better, someone to make you dinner. Someone to have that sparkle in his eyes every time he sees you. And more importantly, someone that will see how much your worth is and will do everything in his power to make you see that worth and potential you bring with you.

Everyone deserves compliments and smiles on a daily basis, it’s nice to know you are cherished and loved and that you are worth the keep.

But not everyone will try to keep you by their side, which is totally fine, because the right person for you will come when you are ready, and he will put effort into taking care of you and watch what you do for him. And he will repay you back the most appropriate way, and you will be astonished.

I believe in the little things, and I vouch for the people that really pay attention to them. It’s the little things that count in the end, right? Like a fresh cup of coffee in the morning, or a kiss in the forehead when words don’t make sense. Or a strong hold of your hand, just to assure you he is there.

Therefore, single your way out into this kind of man, because you deserve attention and a completion to what you already are.  Don’t put pressure on how long and when, just enjoy your alone time and drink your fine glass of wine.