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Believing In Yourself Is About Making Your Faith Greater Than Your Fear

Believing In Yourself Is About Making Your Faith Greater Than Your Fear

There was a time in my life when I lost my faith. Life had faced me with the biggest and most difficult challenge in my existence. And all of the circumstances at that moment combined just threw me off track. I was crushed. Defeated. Lost. Terrified.

And just like that, I stopped believing in myself.

There was a time in my life when I lost all sense of self. It was a time of pain and sorrow. I had given up completely. I was a lost woman. A woman without hopes. A woman without a cause. A woman without dreams. I was too afraid and too vulnerable to get up, leave my comfort zone and do something about it all… I was too afraid to even try. The mere thought of being faced with something even bigger and out of my control once more made my skin crawl…

To say that my life was quite the mess would totally be an understatement.

My life was a living, breathing hell.

And I was its prisoner.

But, time passed by and with it a lot of the pain faded away…Things changed. Some for the worse, but most of them for the better. To be honest, it took years for me to get back to who I was, but I did. And then I realized something.

I never really stopped believing in myself. Regardless of all the pain that I went through,  my faith remained deep inside of me. It was buried somewhere in my soul. A piece of it was left intact waiting for me to discover it after I regain my strength. And so I did.

Even though I had failed more than a few times,  eventually, I got back on my feet.

I managed to find the strength within me,  mend my broken heart, heal my wounds and finally take matters into my own hands. I managed to get my life back together.

All because there was a part of me that was still alive. A part of me that “the broken me” never even knew existed, but “the stronger me” felt it was always there.

The truth is, faith was always in me. Faith was keeping me alive, no matter how much I wanted to give up. And it was faith that helped me get my life back together. It was my hope deep inside of me that destroyed all of my fears and gave me my strength back.

So, I guess all I am trying to say is…

Don’t give up. Please, don’t ever give up.

No matter where life takes you, no matter how dark it gets… Have faith.

I know it sounds downright corny and cliche, but I promise, it is the truth. It is the biggest truth that you’ll ever hear in your life. Beliving in yourself can do wonders, and yet we don’t buy it. We choose to wreck our lives and follow the road to negativity. We choose to let go of our faith because we aren’t patient enough. 

It pains me to see how much energy we put into worrying and pitying ourselves, instead of redirecting all of that divine power into believing.

Believing in yourself is not about showing others that you are fearless. 

Believing in yourself is about finding the strength to make your faith greater than the fear that is eating you alive.

So, please, believe that you can. Search for that spark within you and let it create a fire within your soul. Look for that tiny speck of hope inside that pretty little heart and destroy all your insecurities. No matter how difficult the road gets, believe that you can do it, and you will.

The force is with you, my dear.

You may not feel it, but it is always there. It is up to you to unleash it.

Stephanie Reeds