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Silence Is Golden: Sometimes The Best Thing You Can Say Is Absolutely Nothing


In my life, I’ve spent an awful lot of time explaining myself to people. I’ve wasted hours, days, and months trying to deal with certain uncomfortable situations. Because that’s who I’ve always been. I’ve always been open and honest about how I feel, and I’ve always felt it’s better to respond to everything than to keep quiet. It’s the way my parents raised me. And the way I continued to raise myself.

And you know where it got me? Nowhere. Absolutely nowhere.

Trying hard to win arguments and prove myself right may have helped me win a few battles or so, but it never gave me my peace. It never really made me feel the way I thought it would. Responding to people’s behavior and reacting to everything around me only forced me to stoop to their level. And ultimately, it filled me with negativity.

All in all, it made me forget that life is much more than just bickering with random people and explaining the reason behind your actions just so others don’t get you wrong. That inner peace and wellness are far more important than proving yourself right or being liked by others.

So, this is me trying to help you. To put some sense into you.

Open your eyes. Open your mind.

Silence is golden, my friend.

It is the most powerful weapon of expression.

The more you react to people’s provocations, the more you give them the green light to take advantage of you. The more you respond to their behavior and the more you try to prove yourself right, the more you let them control you, my friend. You welcome them into your life, let them in on every little thing about you, and give them the power of you.

And why? You don’t need another person telling you that you are enough. You don’t need someone else’s opinion to feel better about yourself. 

Pick your battles and be careful with your words. Because not all fights are worth fighting. And sometimes the best thing you can say is absolutely nothing at all.

The truth is, you don’t really have to show up to every argument that you are invited to. Because, after all… You can’t really have it all. You can either choose peace or being right. Just know that in the end, inner peace will always feed you more than the other.

This way you not only protect yourself but you also show this world that you would never ever tolerate any disrespect.

So, please… Choose peace. Choose happiness. More importantly, choose yourself. Over everyone and everything else.

Stephanie Reeds