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Self-Respecting People Never Settle For Less Than They Deserve

Self-Respecting People Would Never Settle For Less Than They Deserve

Self-respect. Such a small word with such a big meaning.

Self-respect means holding yourself in esteem. Believing in yourself and being aware of your worth, despite what others think or say about you. Taking care of your wellbeing by carefully choosing who gets to be in your life and who doesn’t. Being aware that you deserve to be treated fairly just like anyone else.

The truth is, we all know the definition of self-respect. However, we don’t always practice it.  Sometimes, we lose focus on what it means to truly respect ourselves and take care of our wellbeing because fitting in is the only thing on our mind. We want to be accepted and appreciated. We want to be seen. So, we do everything to alter our personalities in order to fit the mold that society has created.

Ultimately, we forget that this is not the way to gain respect.

Here are 5 things self-respecting people with integrity would never tolerate:

1. Seeking validation from others.

People with dignity don’t need to gain acceptance from those around them to feel good about themselves. They know exactly who they are, what they are made of and how much they are worth. Nothing and no one can make them feel like less. These people have confidence and they are not afraid to show it to the world.

2. Having a soul-sucking and miserable job. No self-respecting human being would accept to live a life of quiet desperation. What’s more, no amount of money or success could ever force them to put up with a job that makes them feel miserable and exhausted on a daily basis. People who know how much they’re worth choose happiness above everything else.

Self-Respecting People

3. Having a negative view of their self-image. Hating themselves. Despising their flaws instead of embracing their beautiful differences. These are all toxic, self-damaging behaviors that a self-respecting individual would never ever adopt. These people are aware that self-love and self-respect are the two most important factors for one’s happiness. Without them, we would never be able to fight for the things that we believe in and grow. Without them, we would never be able to change and become the change that we wish to see in this world.

4. Making everyone happy. Self-respecting people have boundaries. They do not believe that pleasing others is the proper way to make friends or maintain healthy relationships. These people focus on their own happiness first. They put themselves first on their priority lists, they focus on their needs, they fight for what they believe in and they are unapologetically themselves. That is why they always attract the right people for them.

5. Avoiding the bigger picture. Self-respecting people with dignity know how important it is to always look at things in more than just one way. That is what gives them the strength to be open to all challenges in life. Because, no matter how terrifying and unpromising the unknown seems, in the end, change is the first step towards growth.

Stephanie Reeds