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Scuba Diver Comes Face To Face With A 7m-Long Anaconda In A Brazilian River


A scuba diver managed to capture on camera one of the terrifying and most incredible moments in his life. A real, 7-meter long anaconda. Yes, you read it right.

Bartolomeo Bove was exploring the Formoso River in Brazil back in July along with his friend when they encountered His Majesty, the green anaconda – the largest living snake in the world.

What makes this whole experience even crazier and even more dangerous is that somehow, he managed to videotape the moment.


Bove said: “The rivers and the bodies of water around the Bonito area are the only places in South America where anacondas can be found in crystal clear waters, and therefore diving with them is possible.”

“As shown in the footage the anaconda swims calm and peaceful, completely indifferent to our presence – sometimes she comes closer, curious about my camera [and] licking the lens.

“The behavior of the anaconda debunks the myth that it is an aggressive and violent creature that can endanger people’s lives.”


In his clip, the snake, 23 feet long is lying on the riverbed. As the video goes on, we can see the creature suddenly facing the camera and flicking its tongue. A few moments later, the 90kg snake decides to slither away from the divers. But instead of swimming off and screaming with fear, Bove decides to follow the snake and get an even better view of the majestic creature.

Talk to me about courage!


However, it seems that after all, his determination to catch a better angle of the snake really paid off! Enjoy the videos!

Stephanie Reeds