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Relationships Need Hard Work – You Can’t Just Give Up When Things Get Difficult


Relationships can be chaotic, frustrating, and extremely complicated. Two people who love each other and want to build a strong healthy relationship, need to look beyond their past hurts that tainted their beliefs about love, and instead focus on loving each other and choosing each other every single day.

Trying to overcome personal worries and fears while working to build a strong and healthy relationship can take a lot of time, effort, patience, sacrifice, commitment, prayers, compromise, smiles and tears, falling and rising back up again, feeling exhausted but not willing to give up because you’ve decided to choose love over anything.

Maintaining a great relationship can take a lot of trust, understanding, patience, and forgiveness. It can take giving way too many chances because no one is perfect and we as flawed human beings can and will make a lot of mistakes down the course of the relationship.

But, being in a healthy relationship means never giving up. It means sometimes overlooking your partner’s flaws and trusting the goodness in them.

And it takes love. A lot of love. The truest form of love you can give. A mature one. A love that doesn’t focus on shallow things and emotions, but instead chooses to accept and commit to their partner wholeheartedly.

There will be challenges. There will be roadblocks. There will be pain. And, it will take two strong partners to make it out better, stronger, alive, and more in love than ever. Because a true love will overcome any hardships and obstacles.

No relationship is perfect and that’s why you should stop trying to make it be. Instead, learn how to love freely and without expectations. Work on the things that are right in front you while letting go of the little flaws and imperfections.

Because undoubtedly, problems will arise from time to time. There will always be something in your partner that will bother you. There will always be something that is missing from having the “ideal” relationship you want. There will always be certain things that your partner does that annoy you.

There will also be times when the spark will start dying down. There will be moments when you’ll want to pack up your bags and leave everything behind.

But, it is in those hard moments that you’ll realize what true love means.  

Love means staying. Love means fighting together. Love means remembering all the things about your partner that you feel in love with. Love means never ever giving up.

Because it is easy to give up when things don’t go the way we want. But choosing to stay and fight to overcome any difficulty is true love. And true love means loving and accepting each other as we are. Love means appreciating the beautiful things and learning from the bad experiences.  

True love is worth fighting for. Never ever give up!

Mary Wright