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Recovering From Emotional Trauma Is Hard, But After Healing You”ll Be Stronger

How To Heal From Emotional Trauma

Recovering from emotional trauma is maybe one of the hardest things that a person can do. When a person is being emotionally abused and traumatized for a long period of time, the trauma leaves deep scars and wounds on their heart that are almost impossible to heal completely.

Plus, the whole process of recovery requires that the hurt person process the painful and traumatic emotions thoroughly in order to heal and let go of them.

Below are 4 stages that you must go through in the process of your recovery from emotional trauma.

STAGE ONE: The circuit breaking.

Your nervous system is like a machine that tends to break after being over-stimulated with emotions. The feeling can be described as a shock, numbness, or deadness.

If you are suffering from trauma, you should never make a decision because your brain is not functioning well. You are disconnected spiritually, emotionally you are numb, and you feel lost while your organism is running on basics because it has shut down your systems. 

During this time, you’ll realize that you don’t feel any pain (even your skin clears up). But, when you start healing from the trauma, the physical symptoms of the abuse usually return because when your system starts functioning normally, it can handle more emotional responses and energy.

STAGE TWO: The return of emotions.

In order to heal from trauma, you must allow your emotions to return back to you however painful and experience them once again before letting them go. When it comes to recovery, the more you feel, the faster you’ll heal.

Some people prefer going to therapy and talking with a therapist. Others prefer talking with their trusted friends and family. Either way, talking is an essential step in waking up the buried emotions inside of you.

Also, it can be helpful to revisit the scenes when the trauma happened. That will help you to really grasp the moment of the abuse and relieve it. Of course, don’t go there alone. The support from your loved ones is vital during this stage.

STAGE THREE: Constructive action.

You must take action no matter how big or small it is. By taking action you’ll start feeling in control of yourself and your emotions. You won’t feel powerless which is a feeling that comes after going through trauma.

All kinds of action are welcome: from donating blood to helping a stranger pass the street. Or, doing something for yourself, like signing up for dance lessons or writing lessons. Any action will do it just as long you act and don’t stay stuck in the pain.

STAGE FOUR: The reintegration.   

The good news is that there is a silver lining in all this process of experiencing and healing from trauma. After everything passes, you will end up being a stronger, smarter, braver, and better human being. Just like a broken bone that is the strongest in the fractured spot after healing.

Traumas are the broken bones of your soul. So, if you do this process of recovery and healing, you will become stronger. You will feel more connected to the world and get a more deeper understanding of it. Your perception of life will change. You will be a bigger and better person.

Mary Wright