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Real Men Worry Whether You’ve Arrived Home Safe

Real Men Worry Whether You’ve Arrived Home Safe

Love is not just physical. You want someone you can share more than just a bed with. You want a real, genuine, caring person you can actually relate to, not just a flesh and blood kind of person. You want a partner and a friend.

So, if your boyfriend is doing these things, well, he’s definitely one you should keep:

1. It doesn’t bother him when you smell of French fries, burgers or onion salad and he kisses you, nonetheless.

2. It doesn’t bother him to watch movies from your wish list.

3. He’s no Jamie Oliver, but he’s learned how to cook a thing or two for you.

4. He understands you are in your PMS, so he’s loving and caring and tries not to step on your nerves by forgetting to wash the dishes or forgetting to put the toilet lid back down.

5. He doesn’t mind you giving him an attitude because he knows you’ve had a rough day; he’s willing to let you get it out of your system.

6. He knows something’s not right just from the mere tone of your voice when you are talking face to face, or even when you are talking over the phone.

7. He’s going to give you a massage despite the fact that when he asked that of you, you said something like: Sure, let me just finish my coffee, but then you forgot.

8. He has a funny name for you that makes your smile light up even though you heard it zillion times.

9. He brags about your achievements and is proud of them even more than you sometimes. He told everyone about your new job or your pay raise and thinks you are smashing records with everything you do.

10. He holds hands with you in public, but touches your but when no one is looking.

11. You know you’re dating the right guy when he never fails to compliment you on your new nails, that necklace you bought, or the killer dress you are going to wear for dinner.

12. He notices the changes you make – your hair color, the flowers you put in the living room and whatnot.

13. He asks how your day went and really listens.

14. He remembers you have a doctor’s appointment and reminds you of it.

15. He lets you have the bigger part of the bed to yourself.

16. His ego is not huge, therefore he can actually say he’s sorry when needed.

17. He doesn’t mind if you didn’t shave because you didn’t feel like it or you were tired.

18. He kisses your forehead when you feel sad or when you’re having a day from hell.

19. He takes care of you when you get drunk because hey, you are allowed to do that sometimes.

20. He doesn’t fall asleep until you text him: I arrived home safe.

Yeah, that pretty much sums it all up. Have you managed to track some of these traits in your partner? 

Nora Connel