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Real Love Means Fighting Together, Not Giving Up The Second It Gets Tough


Oh, love…

Love is a feeling that should make our lives beautiful. It should help us experience things we’ve never felt before. Reach heights we’ve never known of. Fall into a divine sensation of ecstasy.

Love should bring out the best in us, help us grow. It should motivate us to open up and start seeing the world through our heart’s lenses.

Love should have a sweet, sugary flavor. Not a bitter, rotten taste. But, that doesn’t mean that love doesn’t hurt.

For love requires effort, hard work a lot of patience and sometimes even sacrifices.

The truth is, good relationships don’t just happen overnight.

When you love someone, you fight battles  with all of your soul to preserve what you have. You put up with things that you personally don’t find enjoyable. You accept compromises for the sake of the relationship. You embrace changes because it is the only way to go forward.

You don’t just leave whenever you experience a bit of drama. 

You are either there, through thick and thin, holding hands and fearlessly walking through the hailstorm, or you don’t get attached at all.

I’m sorry but, love isn’t only pink skies, warm hugs, careless mornings and cozy nights. There is pain, there is sorrow, anger, tears, drama, fights. Butt when you truly love the person beside you, you know you’d do anything to get through those tough times.

Because when you truly love someone, you don’t give up at the first sign of inconvenience. You don’t throw everything away over one stupid disagreement. You don’t let your relationship fall apart over a silly argument.

When you truly love someone, you sit down and talk until everything is settled. You fight, you scream, you cry, but you never give up. You give them a chance to explain themselves. You share your opinions. You suggest a compromise. You think of everything you two could do to improve your relationship. You stay up until the morning and discuss your issues until you finally make things work.

But, whatever happens, you don’t give up without a fight.

Not if you really care about them.

Because when you love someone, and I mean really love them from the very depths of your heart, you stick with them. You don’t show up only when it feels convenient for you. You don’t hold their hand when they’re fine and then abandon them when they are at their most miserable.  You don’t disappear when they need you and reappear when you need them.

When you really love someone, you don’t let them go through life alone. Whether it’s pain or happiness they experience, you are always there to hold their hand and let them know that it will all be well. You don’t let them suffer through it alone. You are in it together.

When you truly love someone, you know that whatever it is that you’re experiencing, as long as you stick together and fight it, you can survive it.

Stephanie Reeds