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Read This Whenever You Feel You Aren’t As Strong As You Thought You Are

ReadFeel You Are Not As Strong As You Thought You Are

There will be days when you’ll feel weak. Days when you’ll feel as if the whole world is against you and you cannot take it anymore.

Your friends and family think you are strong and capable of doing everything. But, sometimes you feel as you are not strong at all. And maybe it is true. Maybe they have only seen your strong side. Maybe you have never shown to them your vulnerable side – the real ‘you’ that is hidden behind your hard exterior.

They haven’t seen you crying in your bed because your boyfriend broke up with you. They haven’t seen you going back to the person who nearly destroyed you and you swore you would never give them another chance. They haven’t seen you at your darkest, at your lowest moments.

But, even though you feel like the weakest person sometimes, I want to remind you of your strength. Because you are strong. You are much stronger than you think.

You’re strong because you loved deeply. Because you’ve given permission to yourself to feel, to cry, to be vulnerable, to scream, and wipe away your tears. Even if you think these things are signs of weakness, that is not true. It takes a strong person to be emotionally open and be willing to express openly their emotions. It takes a strong person to love and lose, to smile and cry.

You are strong because you are still standing at your own two feet after being pushed down many times. You are wounded. You are broken. But you are here and you are alive.

You are strong because you have found reasons to live and you never stopped hoping even on your worst days.

You are strong because you’ve managed to keep going forward even though this world is an evil place. You have learned the hard way that not everyone is a good person and that many people are selfish and toxic, but that never stopped you hoping for a better tomorrow and a better world.

You are strong because you proudly carry your baggage with yourself. You accept yourself completely, flaws and all. You believe in yourself. You know that if everyone lets you down and betrays you, you will always have yourself.

Finally, you are strong because you have made it in spite of every heartache, every loss, every horror you’ve experienced. And you will keep on making in.

Mary Wright