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Please, Don’t Go Back To The Man Who Broke Your Heart


You promised yourself that this time it is really over. That you will never go back to him. You said to yourself that he is in the past and that you’d be crazy if you let him hurt you again.

And yet, here you are – being pulled to him like there is some kind of magnetic force and you can’t seem to stop. It is a force that is stronger than you.

Probably he promised you that he’ll change. That the time he spent without you taught him a valuable lesson and that he finally understood what he had when he had you. He swears that he will try his best to make you happy. That he will do all the things he hasn’t done before because he doesn’t want to lose you again.

He says you should believe him this time and give him just one more chance to make things right between you two.

I know that his sweet loving words may sound appealing to you, and you may be tempted to go back to him and give him another chance, but please – don’t. Be a smart woman and don’t fall for his lies.

Don’t believe him when he tells you now all the things you needed to hear when you were together. He is manipulating you. He is toying with your emotions to win you back.

And yes, he will change at first and everything will be great. He will shower you with love and affection like he did in the beginning. He will treat you like you always deserved to be treated and you may start wondering why you two broke up in the first place.

However, he will show his true colors again eventually because he will tire of be the nice and loving boyfriend. He will soon turn into the same manipulative idiot that made your life miserable.

I am sure you know this deep down in your heart. At least the sanity of your mind knows it. However, you keep going back to him because you love him, and you believe that he is not as bad as he presents himself. That deep down he is a good man that is scared of being hurt.

You are in denial. You make every possible excuse for him because you don’t want to accept the reality that he will never change.

This is because you have a good and honest heart and you always, always believe in the good in people. But, bear in mind that just because you have a goodness and compassion in you, it doesn’t mean that everyone else is good and compassionate like you. Different people have different agendas.

If you decide to go back to him, please know that he will stay the same. Nothing will ever really change. He may change for a moment and make your life a fairytale, only to make your life a living hell the next.

He will never treat you the way you deserve to be treated. He will never give you all the love, trust, respect, and attention that you desire. He won’t enrich your life – he will destroy it. He will hurt you again and break your heart.

“You need to be strong. You need to let him go. You need to find the one who doesn’t break your heart. Move on.”

Image:Vlad Beznosov

Mary Wright