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Please Be Strong Enough To Walk Away When Someone Takes Your Love For Granted

how to walk away from someone who takes you for granted

You are someone who loves deeply.

You are a person whose eyes see the good in every human being out there. Someone whose hands provide warm shelter for other lost souls. Someone whose smile brightens everyone’s day. Someone whose kind and loving heart melts even the iciest soul out there.

You are pure energy. You are sunshine in human form.

You love because that is what your heart tells you to do. That is what feels natural to you. That is what lifts you up and gives you freedom. That is what defines you as a human being.

You love because love is the only thing that you believe in.

You believe in people, you fall for their words easily, you let them in your life, you care for them unconditionally. Because that is who you are. A caretaker. A protector. A nurturer. A kind, loving soul who cannot imagine their life without love.

Sadly, most of the time you get hurt. You think that people care about others the same way that you do. So, you put your faith in them. You give them second chances. You love them even though they do nothing to show you how they feel. You are there for them.

And what do you get in return?

Heartbreaks and empty promises. Pain and sorrow. Tears and abandonment.

Tell me, haven’t you grown tired of this? Haven’t you already had enough pain for one life? 

And how to walk away from someone who takes you for granted? 

What more do you need to go through to realize that you, my dear are worthy of something far more precious and pure?

how to walk away from someone who takes you for granted

You are worthy of love.

You are a person who deserves care. A person who deserves to feel a warm, loving embrace every single day. A person who deserves to experience love in all its splendor. A person who deserves respect.

You, my dear, are not someone who should be treated as a back-up plan, or a one-night stand. You don’t deserve to be played and then tossed aside like a bag of garbage. You don’t deserve to be robbed of all your hopes and have your heart broken in such a cruel way.

So, please… Be strong to walk away when someone is taking your love for granted. Be strong enough to draw the line when you feel like you cannot take it anymore.

You are the only person responsible for what happens to you.

So, what are you waiting for?

Wake up from your dream and see things clearly. Reach deep within you and find the strength to realize that you deserve more than the half-assed love that someone is manipulating you with. Open your eyes and see the reality of your situation. You are a kind, loving human being who deserves nothing but the purest love.

Be strong enough to leave everything that is making your heart ache.

Be brave enough to let go of people who don’t deserve your love.

Walk away from the pain. It is time to save yourself.

Stephanie Reeds