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Only A Real And Genuine Man Can Love A Broken Woman

Only A Real And Genuine Man Can Love A Broken-Hearted Woman

Love to her is a precious force. It is something that makes life worth living. To her, love is something she is ready to indulge herself in and fight for it. But love is also something that makes her scared. However, even though love sometimes terrifies her, she will still choose love.

Some people can see she is scared and can notice her trembling voice, but her love is so strong and powerful that overpowers everything. She is scared to the bone, but she still does it, she still chooses to love with all her heart.

To her, love is not just a word. It is not just an emotion. It is not a lie that you use to lure someone in and break their heart afterward. To her, love is eternal and frightening at the same time.

She has been through a lot of pain and heartbreak, but she is still willing to fight for love. Because love is her life force and the biggest thing in which she believes.

So, love her for being brave enough to face her fears while she loves you. Love her for not giving up even though every fiber in her body screams to walk away. Love her for trusting you so much to break down her walls for you. Love her for her gentle and loving heart. Love her because she is so much more than being broken.

She will never take your love for granted or betray your trust because to her love is a sacred thing and she knows how much it hurts when someone does those things to you. She will never neglect you or abandon you. She will always be there by your side, loving you. Love her for that.

To her, being broken is a shameful thing and that’s why she tries to hide it from you. She hides her brokenness behind her radiant smile. She doesn’t want you to see she has suffered because she is afraid you will leave her when you find out that she was once someone who let other people take away her smile and her worth.

Her life is a beautiful puzzle of all the battles she has had and all of her victories and losses. Love her for the wonderful woman she is. Love her for her ability to smile after all the pain she endured.

But please, if you are not ready to love her – just let her go.

Mary Wright