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People Who Are Meant To Be Together Have An Invisible Thread Between Them


There is a legend that says that there is an invisible string that binds two people together who are destined to be together. Those who are connected by a fate thread are bound to be together regardless of circumstances, places, or time.

This thread is red – the color of desire and inexplicable attraction. It is also a color that binds the souls of two individuals together.

This red string is originating from an ancient East Asian myth. According to this myth, the red string is tied around the ankles of people who are meant to be together, people who are soulmates and want to help each other in every way.

This concept is very similar to that of a “soulmate” or a “twin flame.” The difference is that this proverb means being “tied” to your soulmate than meeting them.

The legend says that one little boy when walking home one night saw an old man who was reading a book. The little boy asked the old man what he was reading. The old man said that he was reading a book of marriages. Then, he proceeded and told the young boy that his destiny is to marry one girl and that he will show him which one.

However, when he showed him the girl that the young man was supposed to marry… there was an immediate trouble. The young man didn’t like the idea of marriage. He didn’t want to get married. He just threw a rock and went running away.

Later down the years, there was an arranged marriage between that young man with one of the most beautiful girls in the village. However, when he uncovered her veil he noticed a big scar over her eyebrow.

When the man asked her about the scar, she told him that when she was a little girl there was one boy who had thrown a rock at her. He was astonished to find that he reunited with the girl with which he was supposed to be with.

This legend is amazing because it has a very powerful message for all of us. And it is that destiny will always take its course, and everything will just fall into place.

Also, the legend also advises that we still need to put work even we find our destined person. We all need to be more loyal, devoted, and compassionate.

Remember – everything is in all of us. We have the whole Universe inside of us and the Universe always knows how to bring us the things that we really want and connect us to the person that we need to be with.

“The red threads don’t wind their way around our ankles as we walk, don’t catch on us as we brush past things—the Chinese believe that they emanate from us from birth, from the moment we enter the world. As we age, with each passing year, the threads grow tighter, bringing us closer to the people whose lives are destined to intertwine with ours in some way.”

That bond is unbreakable. The two people that are connected with the red thread are destined partners and lovers. That is a magical thread that even though it may tangle and stretch at times – it will never break.

Image: Steven valentino Arellano


Mary Wright