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People Who Are Emotionally Intelligent Have These 5 Special Traits


Described as “the ability to identify and manage one’s own emotions and the emotions of others”, emotional intelligence is often connected with the state of happiness.

People who have a high level of EI can easily understand themselves and make long-lasting relationships with people around them. This is what makes them highly effective leaders.

Here are 5 special traits emotionally intelligent people possess.

1. They are curious.

Curious people ask questions and want to have the answer for everything. They go beyond the visible. However, even though being curious, they refuse to judge.

Albert Einstein said: “The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.” And he was completely right. By being curious, emotionally intelligent people get to the core of the inner things. 

Why is that important? Simply, they want to get a real picture of who they are. By knowing and accepting their own feelings, emotions, beliefs, they get capable of understanding others as well. That’s what helps them in connecting and creating meaningful long-lasting relationships with people.

2. They focus on the positive.

Emotionally intelligent people always take the positive out of negative. We have all found ourselves in a bad situation. The question is: Are we able to find the light at the end of the tunnel? Are we going to fight the storm or let it defeat us?

People with high EI never get defeated because they know that negative life moments or periods don’t last forever. And everything happens for a reason; they either win or learn from their experience.

3. They are good listeners.

Emotionally intelligent people enjoy communicating; most of all, they have great listening skills. How often do you have a feeling that the person next to you is not listening to what you’re saying? 

An emotionally intelligent person will not do this. They will not check their smartphones while you talk. They will not interrupt your thoughts. They will not talk all the time. They will listen to you and will do it because they respect you.

4. They are adaptable.

Even though everybody says magic happens once you get out of your comfort zone, a change can sometimes be scary. Not for them, however. Emotionally intelligent people are not afraid of changes.

They always seek alternatives how to adapt better and enjoy their new surroundings. They get excited about new things; they want to see, experience and learn as much as possible. They want to fit in.

5. They are life-long learners.

Do you know someone who is never satisfied with what they know? These are emotionally intelligent people. Their whole life is based on learning new things, learning about themselves and people, learning about life.

An emotionally intelligent person always tries to expand their knowledge as much as possible. They are not stuck in what they already know; they have broadened views about the world.

Do you consider yourself emotionally intelligent? We’ll be expecting your thoughts on this.

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