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If You Get The Chills From Music, You May Have A Unique Brain


“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.”

I have experienced the power of music many times. Have you?

Turn the radio on. Ignore the whole world for a second. Feel the rhythm of the music. Let it touch you. Lose yourself in it…

Are you feeling what’s going on deep inside you? Breathe. It seems like you have stopped breathing for a moment. Is your heart skipping beats? Do you feel chills going all over your body?

This feeling is known as “frisson” and described as “skin orgasm”. In other words, it’s an emotion which overwhelms your whole body causing pleasure. It can happen when you listen to a song, watch a movie, admire the beauty of art, or when you experience new and exciting things…

Now, if you get chills while listening to some piece of music, is it possible for you to have a special brain? A Ph.D. student and USC researcher, Matthew E. Sachs gives you the answer.

At Harvard University, while being still undergraduate, he studied 2 groups of people. While they were listening to their favorite piece of music, he made a comparison between those who get chills while and those who don’t. After that, he did brain scans to the people who get them. In relation to this, a conclusion was made: people who get chills have a different brain structure.

In what way? More fibers connect their auditory cortex and areas which are responsible for emotions. In other words: these 2 regions communicate in a great way; therefore, the process which is going between them is more efficient. This led to the fact that people who get chills are more open and their reaction is more emotional and intense.

That’ s right. If you get chills from music, you belong to the group of people whose brains are structured differently; those whose brains are special and unique.

Go on, feed your soul and body with music. Discover your deepest emotions. Experience tons of firing sparkles shattering your whole body. Feel special.

Feel free to share your feelings with us.

Music is magical. Indeed.


Source: https://academic.oup.com/scan/article/11/6/884/2223400

Mary Wright


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