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Our Beloved Michael J. Fox Is Fighting A “Heartbreaking” Fight Against Parkinson’s Disease And Is Slowly Losing It


Michael has been and still is an inspiration to all of us. He is strong enough to make himself vulnerable and open up about his fight against Parkinson’s disease. Sometimes he thinks he is winning it, and sometimes he thinks he is losing it again.  

But, he is confident in one thing – he won’t give up.

“The truth is that on most days, there comes a point where I literally can’t stop laughing at my own symptoms,” Michael says.

“Just the other morning I come into the kitchen,” he says. “I pour a cup — a little trouble there. Then I put both hands around the cup. She’s watching. ‘Can I get that for you, dear?’ ‘Nah, I got it!’ Then I begin this trek across the kitchen. It starts off bad. Only gets worse. Hot java’s sloshing onto my hands, onto the floor.”

Michael moved to Los Angeles when he was 18 years old. When he didn’t get the acting roles he wanted, he had loaded up on the cheap mac and cheese dish to survive.  

Luckily, it didn’t take long for the roles to come pouring in for him. He was a star in “High School U.S.A” (1983), “Teen Wolf” (1985), “Poison Ivy” (1985), and “Back To The Future” (1985). This was the beginning of his successful career.

He was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in the 1990s and he’s been fighting it since then. But, it seems like he is losing the battle…

At 54, his left foot was unresponsive that he had to drag it behind him and his Fox speech was slurred. He is expected to be in a wheelchair before the age of 60.

This incredible talent went on a night out with Tracy Pollan, his wife, in February and for the night he had several men to help him get in and out of his car.

“It was heartbreaking. Michael’s bravery knows no bounds.”, a close friend of his said of this night out. “But as the disease takes its toll on his body, even he is beginning to see that his battle is a losing one.”

Michael sees every day as a gift. His foundation for Parkinson’s Research has raised millions of dollars in doing so much research, but a cure for the disease is nowhere to be found still.

However, Michael J. Fox, the man whose name was listed as one of the 100 people who is transforming the world with their talent, power, and moral example, still has his sense of humor despite his ongoing fight with Parkinson’s.

Please send your good thoughts and prayers to this wonderful man and incredible talent.

Mary Wright