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17 Essential Things You Need To Know About Deep, Meaningful Relationships


There’s no such thing as a perfect relationship, but there are quite a few things that make a deep, meaningful relationship greatly differ from one that has no purpose whatsoever.

Relationships are supposed to make you feel happy and emotionally fulfilled. Unfortunately, there’re many who get into romantic relationships just for the sake of it or because they’re afraid they might end up being alone forever. These couples never get to experience what a deep, meaningful relationship feels like.

This kind of romantic relationships requires much more than love and physical connection. They require kindness, compassion, respect, patience, and commitment.

A meaningful relationship is healthy and caring and has what it takes to stand the test of time. It’s with a person who is always there when you need him/her and who inspires you to grow.

So, if you want to know if you’re already in a deep, meaningful relationship or to make sure you be in one in the future, make sure you take a look at the following 17 things:

1. You accept each other as you are. A meaningful relationship is about accepting each other with all your faults and insecurities, not changing your partner into who you want them to be. So, if your partner is constantly trying to change you, your relationship is definitely not a healthy and meaningful one.

2. Any relationship has its ups and downs. But, in a meaningful one, the good times outweigh the bad ones. If your relationship is characterized by constant fights and negative feelings, then it’s not worth it.

3. Love is never forced. You either love each other or you don’t. You can’t force anyone return your feelings. Love always comes naturally.

4. Actions speak louder than words. This may sound like a cliché, but it’s true. Words mean nothing if they’re not accompanied by actions.

If your partner tells you how much they love and appreciate you and shower you with compliments, but then break their promises, lie to you, and hurtyour feelings, then they don’t care about you or the relationship.

5. You’re able to communicate well with each other. Your relationship can never be deep and long-lasting unless you’re able to share with each other your opinions and ideas as well as fears and problems.

By having meaningful conversations with them, you’re able to sort out the problems and overcome all the difficulties that appear in your relationship.

6. You motivate each other to grow. In a meaningful relationship, partners encourage and inspire each other through their words and actions to work on improving themselves and become the best versions of themselves.

You also encourage one another to pursue your goals and succeed in life. If your partner impedes your growth, then he/she’s not the one.

7. Honesty is the basis upon which any healthy, meaningful, and long-lasting relationship is built. Lying to and cheating on each other will break the confidence you have in one another and cause the relationship to fall apart.

8. There’s a mutual support. You stick together through thick and thin and you never leave your significant other to deal with their problems alone. You’re each other’s greatest help and support.

9. Small arguments are quickly resolved. When you have an argument with your partner, you don’t lose your temper and shout angrily at them, without any intention to find a solution to the problem in question. Instead, you discuss your problems in a calm, civilized manner and try together to reach a reasonable solution.

10. You’re willing to forgive each other. The ability to forgive is a virtue. You know that everyone can make a mistake and deserves a second chance. But, you also have limits and know when the time for giving chances is over.

11. You’re proud of each other.

You’re not afraid or ashamed to let the whole world know how proud of and grateful you are for having each other.

12. You enjoy spending time together doing nothing. You don’t need to always go out to restaurants or clubs so as to have fun and feel content. Spending a Saturday night at home, watching your favorite movie together and eating pizza sounds like a perfect weekend plan and you enjoy doing this.

13. You respect each other’s boundaries. You allow each other to have your own personal space and time. You feel free to do things separately when you want to, be that taking care of your responsibilities, hanging out with your friends, or just doing the things you enjoy.

14. There’s a mutual respect. You respect each other’s opinions, ideas, and attitudes, no matter how different they are. Your partner never makes you feel less smart or worthy than them just because you don’t agree with them about something.

15. You take responsibility for your own actions. When you make a mistake, you admit to it. You don’t shift the blame onto your partner.

16. You trust each other. Trust is hard to gain but easy to lose. Both of you value trust and that’s why you never put yourselves in a situation in which you’d have to lie to the other person. You know this would break the trust you have in one another.

17.Cheating is a no-no. Does this need any elaboration?

Riley Cooper