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Only Settle Down With The Person That You Didn’t Have To Settle For


“I’m not done with love, but I refuse to settle. I am a hopeless romantic. And I won’t stop ’till I get it right.”

– Halle Berry

They say that the best things in life are worth waiting for, so why not wait for the love of your life? It’s easy to feel like you need to be in a relationship and settle down by a certain age. However, what’s the point of starting a life with someone if they’re not really right for you?

The worst decision that you will ever make is being with someone just because you want to be in a committed relationship. Trust me when I say that you should only settle down with the person that you didn’t have to settle for.

Never Choose Someone Who Isn’t Right For You

Relationships should be about true love and nothing else. If you’re with someone who’s your second choice, not only are you ruining your chances of finding the perfect partner, but you’re also hurting them. Although you may feel desperate to be in a relationship, being with someone who isn’t perfect for you will destroy you.

The only person that you should ever give your time to is the person that you know is your soulmate. It should be the person that gives you butterflies, takes your breath away, and makes you believe in real love again. Truly, you should never have to settle for anything less than that.

Be With Someone Who Appreciates You

Don’t let your love be wasted on someone who doesn’t care about you. Don’t let someone waste your time when you could be looking for the one. Despite how hopeless it may feel sometimes to find someone who will treat you right, they’re out there. All you have to do is keep searching, waiting, and hoping.

You’re going to find someone who knows your worth. In their eyes, you will be the person that they’ve been waiting for all this time. Because of that, they’ll want nothing from you except for your love and affection. That’s the kind of person that you should settle down with, not someone who will never really care about you.

Time Is Irrelevant to Love

Be with someone who makes you forget about everything else. When you’re with them, time flies. You’re comfortable sitting together in silence, just enjoying each other’s company and not caring how much time you’re spending on doing nothing.

When it comes to real love, time doesn’t matter. It shouldn’t matter how long you have to wait to find it. It shouldn’t matter how slowly you take things together or how quickly you do either. All that’s important is that there’s a real, undeniable connection between the two of you. When you have that, everything else will fall into place.

Never settle for someone. When it’s time for you to settle down, you should know in your heart that it’s with someone that you love more than the world. However tempting it may be to go with your second choice, don’t hurt yourself in that way. You deserve a love that’s worth waiting for.

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Eva Jackson