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Only A Person With A Strong Heart And Clear Mind Is Able To Forgive

Only A Person With A Strong Heart And Clear Mind Is Able To Forgive

Most people find it easier to be mad at someone who has wrong them and hold a grudge than do the noble act of forgiveness.

Every person is different and therefore deals with pain and disappointment differently. The truth is, people hurt each other, sometimes unintentionally, other times intentionally. And when we get hurt, we feel sad, angry, and resentful. During those times, forgiving them is the last thing we think about.

And it is true what people say, that it is easier to hold a grudge and be angry at someone forever than forgiving them and letting go of the resentment. But, even if it is easier to push away those who have hurt us, it is also the most destructive thing we can do for ourselves and our wellbeing.

Forgiveness is the healthiest thing to do, but to forgive someone, one needs a lot of strength, courage, and compassion.

We all make mistakes. We all sometimes disappoint and hurt other people whether on purpose or not. However, when we are the ones who are hurt, then it is difficult to accept this truth. We need a lot of strength to admit to ourselves that we are also flawed human beings and to forgive.

Forgiveness at its core means being able to see things from the perspective of the other person.

What if instead of assuming you are right, you tried to understand the other person and their perspective? Not everything is black or white, sometimes people are pushed to do things they don’t intend to do. And we should all try to be more understanding and compassionate with each other and try to see things from a different perspective.

The strongest people forgive others, learn the lesson behind it, and then move on with their lives free of negativity and grudges.

You need strength to forgive but you should also be wise to learn your lesson and avoid situations that can hurt you again.

Finally, forgiveness is the noblest thing you can do for yourself and others. If you have forgiven someone, be proud of yourself and your strong yet warm heart!

Mary Wright