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One Day Your Love Will Mend Someone’s Broken Heart

one day

You may feel hopeless right now, but that’s okay.

It may all seem black and white, dull and colorless… but that’s fine…

It is just another cycle. It’s all a part of life.  A fragment of the grander scheme.

It may seem like all it’s lost right now, but one day, life will be better for you.

Because one day, you will be the reason someone smiles again. You will be the reason why they no longer run away. The one who will finally see them for who they are, accept them, and fall in love with the essence of their soul. You will be the one who will prove to them that real love does exist and even though it is rare, it’s out there. You will be the person they never thought they’d find. Their guardian angel. Their protector. Their lover. Their life companion. Their entire world.

One day, your love will mend someone’s broken heart. You will help them smile again and regain their sense of self. You will help them work through their issues, heal their wounds, and realize that everything is not lost after all… You will be the one who fixes them, helps them find their path in life, and teaches them how to love again.

















One day, you will be the light in someone’s life. You will illuminate all the dark parts of their soul, you will show them the way and you will guide them through the darkness. You will be the sun on a cold winter’s day. The warm rays that gently melt the ice around them. The dawning light that sets them free. You will do what no one else could do for them. You will be the person they dreamed of their entire life. The exception to the rule. The one who will take their pain away and make them feel loved once again…

One day, you will help someone open their heart again. You will make them believe again. You will break the cage that has been keeping them hostage and help them open their wings. And you, my friend, will set them free. You will finally help them see and feel love for what it is. Free-flowing, strong, passionate, incredible, exciting, effortless, inspiring, and everlasting.

Everything will make sense again. And for the first time in your life, you will understand why everyone left, hurt you, and why it didn’t work out with some people. You will realize that all of those times you got disappointed, it was fate preparing you for this moment and this person…

One day you will be the best thing to happen to someone… And they will be everything you ever needed.

Stephanie Reeds