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One Day You’ll Meet Someone Who Finally Sees You For Who You Are

One Day You’ll Meet Someone Who Finally Sees You For Who You Are

You’ve been hurt more than once. You’ve been through more than you could actually take. You’ve suffered.  You’ve sacrificed yourself to show some people how much love them. And most of the time it was all for nothing.

I know… I see it in your smile. I see it in your pretty eyes.

Every time you gave your heart, hoping that someone would take care of it, you were disappointed and abandoned. Every time you decided to show your vulnerable side, a piece of your soul was ripped. No matter how hard you tried to be there for people, your love was always taken for granted.

They always asked for more than you actually gave them. But you never said no. Each time you offered them the whole wide world. The whole sky, the moon, and all the stars. Somehow, it was never enough…

So, they took you for granted, they insulted you, they tried to dominate you, they treated you less than you deserve, they used you to validate their weak egos, they discovered your soft spots and they manipulated you until they made you their victim.

And I know… I can’t blame you for wanting to give up. You’ve carried too much pain inside your soul to actually hope for a brighter future.

I just want you to know something…

There was a time in my life when I stood right there where you’re standing now. And my heart ached. My soul wept. The light I always had inside of me was gone. But, somehow deep inside, I always knew that this could never be the end.

Somehow, I always knew that the future has amazing experiences in store for me.  So, I let that tiny glimmer of hope pull me back up from the gutter. And, believe it or not, it did.

So, here I am, alive and well sharing this story with you.

Listen, I know it’s hard to believe this now, but…

There will come a man who appreciates you more than anyone else in your life. Someone who will be more than happy to have you in his life. But more importantly, someone who won’t be scared to admit that to you.

There will come a man who loves you more than words can say. This person will show you that fairy tales exist and occur when we least expect them. You will feel what it means to be genuinely, passionately and madly in love.

There will come a man who makes you the happiest person alive. A man who will show you every possible realm in this world and introduce you to emotions you never even knew existed. This person will finally light up that fire inside of you and make you the happiest person alive.

There will come a man who respects you and supports you every step of the way. You will never ever wonder if you’re enough because this person won’t hesitate to show you how blessed your existence makes him feel.  He will be your loudest and most devoted cheerleader. He will convince you that only the sky is your limit.

It’s true, it will take some time until he gets here. And I am not the one who can tell just how long it will take him. But all I know is… There’s someone out there for you. A person waiting to be reunited with their one true love.

You just have to be patient and open your heart to the possibility of love.

Stephanie Reeds