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One Day You’ll Find Your Home In A Person And Understand Why Life Didn’t Make Sense Before Them


I see the look in your eyes and it reminds me of something.


I know that look. I recognize that indifference in your eyes and I immediately know that it’s just your own way of coping with life. Your own defensive mechanism. Your own shield. Nothing more than a wall.

What’s really on the inside is much softer, much more intense than what you choose to display. But it’s all a disguise, isn’t?

You’re terrified of revealing your emotions to people who don’t know how to treat you. You’re afraid to get your heart broken for the second time. The first time you managed to glue it up, but if there’s ever a second time, it might probably end up shattered.

I know exactly how you feel.

But, let me tell you.

One day, you’re going to meet someone who feels like home. One day you’ll cross your paths with a person who would not only want to spend the night with you but also wake up next to you.

This person will be different from the rest of the people because they will hear you even when you don’t speak and wish to remain quiet.They will look you in your eyes and instantly know what it is that your heart desires.

The connection with this person will be something inexplicable.

It will be a bond beyond any physical realm. Something out of this universe.

Something that will move all the atoms in your body, something that will shake your existence to the very core, a relationship that will make you question every choice you made before you met them.

One day you’re going to find a home in a person and understand why life didn’t make sense to you.

This person is going to be the one who will have to courage to break every wall you’ve built around yourself and remind you that you’re capable of feeling.   

This person is going to be the one who’ll help you open up. You’ll talk about your insecurities, fears, and mistakes out loud without being afraid that they might judge you.

You’ll feel free to share every idea, every ambition, every dream you wish to achieve, every crazy, silly goal that makes your heart pound faster and your eyes shine brighter.

You’ll find yourself feeling things you’ve never even knew existed. You’ll realize how much intensity your emotions carried. And you’ll hug your vulnerability…

…because every fear you once had will slowly fade away.

You’ll finally feel free to embrace life with both of your hands and you’ll finally gain the courage to say those three little words that have the power to melt the iciest, coldest heart out there.

One day you’ll meet a person who’ll make you feel like you’ve found your home, and all of this will become clearer to you.

Until then, embrace the beauty of this life and live it to the fullest.

Stephanie Reeds