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One Day You’ll Find Mature Love & Realize Why It Never Worked With Anyone Before

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You’ll experience everything. You’ll feel pain, sorrow, disappointment, grief, insecurity. You’ll get your heart broken. You’ll change partners. You’ll fail to commit to another person. You’ll start to feel like there’s no out there for you. At times, you will also feel like life is pushing you to the limits and forcing you to give up. You will lose faith…

And then, all of a sudden, a person will come into your life completely unannounced. They will show up, no words, no nothing. And their presence will change your life for the better. Their love will open your eyes and fill your heart with warmth once again.

And that’s when you will finally realize why it never worked out with anyone else before.

Below are 7 key differences between a mature and immature relationship that this person will make you aware of:

1. Happiness. No relationship is ever perfect. There is no such thing as perfection. However, a mature relationship has all the attributes that two partners need to be happy in each other’s company. This kind of love never takes from you. It only gives and gives. 

2. Respect. A mature relationship is one where two people know exactly who they are, what they want from life, and respect each other’s differences.  It is about accepting their choices, embracing them as they are, and doing what’s best for both of you. Something that this person will open your eyes to for the first time in your life.

3. Mutual trust. A mature relationship may not always end up in a partnership for life, but that doesn’t make it less real. Mature love means being able to openly talk about anything with your partner. It means trusting someone with your heart. Knowing that you can be exactly who you are in front of them and be loved for it.

4. Honesty. Speaking up. Being true to yourself. Being true to your partner. A mature relationship is being honest no matter how much the truth hurts. 

5. Spontaneity. Letting things go with the flow. Allowing life to lead the way. Trusting the Universe that has wonderful things in store for you. Believing in one another. Taking life one step at a time. Being one with your partner. One with the entire universe.

6. Patience. More than anything, a mature relationship is being patient, kind, and considerate of your partner’s feelings. It is giving them enough time and space to sort through their issues and face their demons. It is knowing when to shut up and when to speak up. It is choosing not to allow your anger overwhelm you. It is choosing love above all else.

7. Loyalty. A mature relationship is knowing your limits. It is respecting your promise and being there for your loved one. It is loving someone exclusively. It is committing yourself freely to a relationship knowing that they would also do the same for you.

Stephanie Reeds